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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Hawk

A daydreamer at heart, Patricia A. Rasey, resides in her native town in Northwest Ohio with her husband, Mark, and her lovable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Todd.

Ms. Rasey is a three-time recipient of the Word Weaving Award for Literary Excellence and a three-time winner of the prestigious RIO Award Of Excellence. She is also a three-time EPPIE finalist and was a 2001 nominee for Romantic Times Magazine's Best Electronic Book. Additionally, Twilight Obsessions and Twilight Visions, two anthologies she was a part of, was nominated for the PEARL, the Paranormal Excellence Award in Romantic Literature, in the Best Anthology category. Her short story, In The Mind of Darkness won the P&E 2002 Horror short story category.

When not behind her computer, you can find Patricia working, reading, watching movies or MMA. She also enjoys spending her free time at the river camping with her husband and two sons. Ms. Rasey is currently a third degree Black Belt in American Freestyle Karate.

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Kaleb “Hawk” Tepes, as president of the Sons of Sangue and descendant of Vlad III, needs to keep his head focused on club business. Trouble is someone wants to divest him of it for a crime he committed against his vampire predecessors. He can’t afford distractions, especially those that come in the form of a five-foot-two sprite named Suzi, who once belonged to his nephew. In a moment of weakness, he makes a snap decision that can only spell trouble. Now faced with the one person who wants him dead, Kaleb must make the ultimate sacrifice or chance losing the only woman he truly desired forever.

Suzi Stevens has tried hard to put her past behind her and move forward. The one man she yearns for over all others, believes her to be nothing but cold-hearted. Hearing that someone has tried to behead him, she shelves past prejudices and rushes to his side, needing to see for herself that he’s all right. What she doesn’t count on is Hawk’s demand to take her as his personal blood donor. Now forced to endure his company, she fears losing her heart for all eternity to the one person who has the power to crush her.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Chelle:
*Copy gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review

After thoroughly enjoying Viper (book #1), I was more than excited for the release of Hawk. Especially because Kaleb grabbed my attention in book #1 and made me want to know more...

Hawk picks up where Viper left off, but I believe it can be read well as standalone. I would personally recommend reading the books in order - Viper and then Hawk - but if you're unable, you will be able to enjoy Hawk without first reading Viper. Just not *quite* as much.

In Viper, the Sons were forced to kill a primordial vampire, make some shaky alliances, break a ton of rules, and completely change the dynamic of their MC. Hawk takes those things to the next level with additional shakeup within their Club, several attempted murders, a kidnapping, betrayal, a hard earned love story HEA, a bunch of surprises, and one heck of a set up for the power couple... er couples!?... for book #3.

Kaleb and Suzi have been fighting their attraction for one another for over 10 years and there are some heavy duty secrets and half truths that make their relationship beyond tension filled. Because of this, their interaction in the book is both hard to take and an utter relief when they finally figure things out. LOL You will feel just about every emotion for them and it's most certainly a sexy 'me Tarzan you Jane' adventure.

Hawk, SONS OF SANGUE #2 is an intense, action-packed roller-coaster ride, and you will learn much more about some of the other Sons and supporting characters. I am REALLY curious to see how Patricia spins the next tale given the crazy circumstances of the newest 'mate' and the introduction of the new character(s).

SONS OF SANGUE is highly recommended to Paranormal Romance readers who like their heroes Alpha, their heroines able to hold their own yet willingly submit to the sexy bad boys, and plenty of MC territorial action and intrigue.


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