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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Styxx

Sherrilyn Kenyon lives a life of extraordinary danger… as does any woman with three sons, a husband, a menagerie of pets and a collection of swords that all of the above have a fixation on. But when not running interference (or dashing off to the emergency room), she’s found chained to her computer where she likes to play with all her imaginary friends. With more than ten million copies of her books in print in 26 countries, she certainly has many friends to play with. 

Writing as Kinley MacGregor and Sherrilyn Kenyon, she is the author of several series, including DARK-HUNTERS, BELADOR, , LORDS OF AVALON, LEAGUE, NEVERMORE, BAD (Bureau of American Defense), SEX CAMP DIARIES, BROTHERHOOD OF THE SWORD /THE MACALLISTERS and SEA WOLVES.

She is also the proud creator of the New Adult series CHRONICLES OF NICK, a DARK-HUNTERS spin-off.

Her books have appeared in the top five of the New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, and USA Today lists.

Styxx, DARK-HUNTERS Book #23 
   by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Buy from Amazon / B&N / BAM / Powell’s 

Just when you thought doomsday was over...

Centuries ago Acheron saved the human race by imprisoning an ancient evil bent on absolute destruction. Now that evil has been unleashed and it is out for revenge.

As the twin to Acheron, Styxx hasn’t always been on his brother’s side. They’ve spent more centuries going at each other’s throats than protecting their backs. Now Styxx has a chance to prove his loyalty to his brother, but only if he’s willing to trade his life and future for Acheron’s.

The Atlantean goddess of Wrath and Misery, Bethany was born to right wrongs. But it was never a task she relished. Until now. She owes Acheron a debt that she vows to repay, no matter what it takes. He will join their fellow gods in hell and nothing is going to stop her.

But things are never what they seem, and Acheron is no longer the last of his line. Styxx and Acheron must put aside their past and learn to trust each other or more will suffer.

Yet it’s hard to risk your own life for someone who once tried to take yours, even when it's your own twin, and when loyalties are skewed and no one can be trusted, not even yourself, how do you find a way back from the darkness that wants to consume the entire world? One that wants to start by devouring your very soul?

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Chelle:
*Audible Audio book

I just finished listening and am in utter and complete awe. Fred's narration was impeccable, but the story that Sherrilyn Kenyon laid out with this novel is truly one for the ages. Stellar, epic, and mind blowing are just a few of my first impressions.

I went into this book incredibly hesitant. I love Acheron, and therefore had a deep seated hatred for Styxx, even though his appearances in past installments was very limited and splotchy at best. Now we know why... Though instead of magically transforming a villain into a lovable hero, Sherrilyn told a well known tale from another perspective and proved how perception and degrees of separation can seriously twist the truth.

In the telling of this tale, Sherrilyn made me feel things I didn't think a book could make me feel - stomach turning revulsion (this book is VERY dark and incredibly violent in many parts!), seething hatred, breath catching anticipation, gut clenching agony from sorrow, loss, & loneliness, the weight lifting rush of relief, the heart clenching press of love, and over and over, the rush of anxiety, drama, anticipation, and surprise. It was almost exhausting, but utterly wonderful.

She turned what I THOUGHT I knew about Acheron, Styxx and several others on its ear, and made me rebuild my perception of almost the entire primary cast and crew of the DH world. I can only shake my head at the wonder of it all, and feel giddy for what's to come now that the record's been set straight.

A lot of fans were upset that Styxx's book was slotted here before others', but after having enjoyed it, I can't imagine anybody else's being here, and the heightened anticipation for future novels of the DH universe is greater than ever (and that is saying a lot), and I hadn't thought it possible - no, I would have said that it was utterly IMpossible for me to love a character more than I love Ash - but I stand corrected, as Styxx has claimed my heart like no other character has before; in any series.

Every single DH fan must read or listen to this book. It's a catalyst, and I'm assuming only just the beginning of SO much more as Sherrilyn merges the Chronicles of Nick with the Dark-Hunter/Were-Hunter/Dream-Hunter timelines. Highly recommended!


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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Deep in Crimson

Sarah Gilman started her first novel in third grade. She never finished that story, but never gave up the dream. Her fascination with wings also began at that age, when images of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis captured her imagination and never let go. Now a paranormal romance writer, she employs her love of writing to bring the allure of winged creatures to the pages of her novels. Sarah lives in Vermont with her supportive husband and two spoiled cats.

You can keep up with Sarah online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.

Deep in Crimson, RETURN TO SANCTUARY #2
  by Sarah Gilman

Publication date: 9/24/13

Buy from Amazon / B&N / iBooks / BAM / Kobo

Kidnapped by humans and raised in a research facility, Jett was taught to believe his own race of demons insidious and violent. But a friendship with the archangel Raphael shatters Jett’s reality. Caught between two worlds, his first months of freedom find him lingering on the fringes of his home colony, Sanctuary. When the human who stole Jett captures another demon youth from Sanctuary, Jett learns of the real plan—to steal Raphael’s archangel grandchildren. Jett wants to bring his captor to justice, but he must overcome the lies from his past and join forces with the demon Guardians, and the demon child’s older sister, Lexine.

Irresistible attraction grows between Jett and Lexine, but Lexine’s prophetic dreams of being mated to a poacher make her wary. And if Jett goes through the all-consuming process of becoming a Guardian, he may forfeit any chance they have of being together.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION'S Nocturnal Nymph - Michelle M:
*eARC received from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review

Deep in Crimson was the first book that I have read of Sarah Gilman's and this book was excellent! Demons and Angels together?! Who would have thought that they would be working on the same side? I certainly didn't... This book pulled me in by the first couple of pages.

First we meet Jett, a demon that highly distrusts other demons after he was raised in a lab. Jett smells something off, and after debating on whether or not he wants to find out what's going on, he runs to investigate.

While there, we meet Lexine, a demon with a rare demon deformity whose brother has just been kidnapped. Lexine has had dreams about who her mate is, but then meets Jett and wonders if it's possible to change fate? Will Jett stay in Sanctuary and take a chance at love?

Sarah's writing is great, and keeps the reader engaged with the storyline. The Guardians are trying to find Lexine's kidnapped brother and looking for the place where the lab is, all while things are happening in Sanctuary. It's all a very exciting ride of emotions and trying to find where one demon fits when he didn't know if he could ever fit in anywhere. Also, is it possible to find love?

I will for sure go back and read number 1 and then I will be re-reading this book because it is that good! I found myself wondering about some of the characters and hope there are more coming for this series! I want to know more!!

A well deserved 5 skulls and highly recommended.

Deep in Crimson

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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Crazy Ex-Ghoulfriend

Urban Fantasy Author Angela Roquet is a great big weirdo.
She collects Danger Girl comic books, owls, skulls, and random craft supplies. She no longer collects paperback books, because she can’t fit any more in her office, however she does collect ebooks. She has an unhealthy obsession with television shows created by Joss Whedon and fantasizes about him directing television or film versions of her novels. Angela’s favorite book/movie is The Wizard of Oz. She likes a little coffee in her cream, and her favorite food is sushi, even though it’s takes her FOREVER to make. Angela is a peace loving, tree hugging hippy who tries to buy organic and local as often as possible. She’s a fan of renewable energy sources, marriage equality, and religious tolerance. As long as whatever you’re doing isn’t hurting anyone, she’s a fan of you, too. Angela lives in Sedalia, Missouri with her husband and son. When she’s not swearing at the keyboard, she enjoys painting, goofing off with her family and friends, and reading books that raise eyebrows. 

You can find Angela online at, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.

Crazy Ex-Ghoulfriend
by Angela Roquet

Janie Parker is in love with the boy next door, but he's dating Miss Popular. That is, until she wraps her car around a tree and bites the dust. Just when things settle down and Janie thinks that she might have a shot at going to prom with the boy next door, Miss Popular comes back from the grave, and she's one crazy ex-ghoulfriend.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Michelle L. Olson:
*eARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Have I mentioned that I love Angela Roquet's writing? Yeah, well I do... Her Lana Harvey series is one of my absolute favorites, and when I found out that she had written a paranormal YA I was giddy with anticipation.

Crazy Ex-Ghoulfriend is a witty and entertaining tale that will have you suffering flashbacks to high school and feeling like you're right there with Janie, Wayne and the rest of the crew. I couldn't put the book down, and I don't think you will be able to either.

Told in such a way that many life lessons can be learned without even realizing you're being taught them(and thus making it a perfect young adult read), Angela spins a story that's the perfect mix of real and fantasy, wit and drama, action and surprise.

I thoroughly enjoyed Crazy Ex-Ghoulfriend and highly recommend it for Young Adult readers, as well as not-so-young-adults such as myself who enjoy a beautifully written and entertaining Para-YA read without the angst and messy love triangle. :)

Crazy Ex-Ghoulfriend

[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of A Secret Fate

About Susan Griscom:  I daydream often and sometimes my daydreams interrupt my daydreams. So I write to remember them. If I didn't write, I think my mind would explode from an overload of fantasy and weirdness. To the annoyance of my friends and family, my characters sometimes become a part of my world. During my childhood, I would frequently get in trouble in school for daydreaming. Eventually, my vivid imagination paid off and I had the privilege of writing and co-directing my sixth-grade class play—a dreadful disaster, though not from my writing, of course, I must blame it on the acting.

I enjoy writing about characters living in small quaint towns and tend to lean toward the unusual and spooky.

My paranormal playing field delves into a different milieu, abandoning vampires and werewolves, but not discounting them. Someday I might like to write a novel about vamps and those furry creatures. But for now I like the bizarre mixed with romance. A strong hero or heroine confronted with extraordinary forces of nature, powers and capabilities gets my blood running hot.

Connect with Susan online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.

A Secret Fate, book #3 of the WHISPER CAPE Series
by Susan Griscom

Coming Fall 2013

Buy Links to come...

The third book in the Whisper Cape trilogy, A Secret Fate has taken an unexpected turn.

Gerry, Addie and Cael almost captured Careen’s murderer only to lose Cael in the battle. Is he alive? If so, will he return? And the bigger question, thanks to Gerry's handiwork, will Cael remember Addie? Is their love lost with him?

Addie’s family and friends think she should keep the relationship a secret from Cael so he isn't forced into feelings he can't remember. Just what she needs, more secrets and on top of everything else, someone stole the crystal. How is she supposed to get over the loss of her lover, a lover she'd barely had for only a few short months and deal with the secret of the lost crystal at the same time?

Aiden wants nothing more than to help Addie overcome her grief and get over Cael. Or is that all he wants? What happens when too many people know the secret and someone slips up?

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Michelle L. Olson:
*eARC received from the Author

Oh, it's so bittersweet... I have been following Addie and Cael's tale since day one when Susan reached out to me (as Regan) and asked if I'd be interested in reading Whisper Cape. At that time, it was one of the best books I had read and I instantly developed a serious book boyfriend crush on Cael. That didn't change through the utter enjoyment of Reflections, and now that the series has come to a conclusion, I don't know if I want to laugh at the amazing ride, or cry because it's over.

A Secret Fate is another highly emotional read. Picking up after the intense conclusion of Reflections, we get to follow Addie and Cael through separate stories initially while they're separated, sharing in Addie's grief and heartbreak and the developing relationship between she and Aiden, and joining Cael for some fun in the sun while he struggles with his missing memory.

When their paths finally overlap again, it's...intense. There are some serious secrets being kept, a bit of jealousy over a love triangle that really isn't a love triangle, a super sweet (and yes, erotic!) romance as Cael and Addie relearn each other, and a highly action packed sub-story with unusual outcomes.

I really enjoyed the ride, and if you're a WHISPER CAPE series follower, you most certainly have to read this to wrap things up.

I only have 1 critique as a reader. I sort of feel like this book might have been told better as 2 novellas and a full length novel. It may have had more impact if the separation and eventual rejoining was told as a short, with the re-kindling of the couple's romance, the parallel story of Gerry & Maia's twins being born, and the action packed sub-plot I mentioned above being told as the full length, and then the skip into the future, prologue and conclusion of the series being told as a follow-up novella. I just think it might have made things flow slightly better and allowed for some additional detail in areas where it wasn't possible here without making the book really, really long. Even with that said though, I was still invested throughout A Secret Fate and didn't find myself wishing it would hurry along at any point. I did wish for a bit more in areas, but never to a point where I was frustrated about it.

A Secret Fate

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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Blood Bond

Jeanne C. Stein is an American Urban Fantasy author living in Colorado. She now lives in Colorado, but was raised and educated in San Diego, which is the setting for her contemporary vampire fantasy.

Jeanne is active in the writing community, belonging to Sisters in Crime both nationally and in San Diego and Los Angeles. She also belongs to Horror Writers of America, RWA and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. She was named RMFW’s Writer of the Year for 2008 an honor given to a writer who has contributed to the organization as well as achieved success in publication.

Keep up with Jeanne online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.

by Jeanne C. Stein

Buy from Amazon | B&N

As a vampire, Anna Strong has an immortal life…but now she’s running out of time.

Anna’s relationship with shape-shifter Daniel Frey has given her hope for a future with him and his son—especially when Frey proposes…

But just when Anna starts to think her life couldn’t be better, she must fly to France to be at the side of her dying mother. There she learns that not every vampire accepts her Chosen One status. And one such vamp is about to go rogue—by leading his followers in a fight to usurp humanity…

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer - Kathy M:

Jeanne C. Stein is a top notch writer of fast paced Urban Fantasy and her creation of the Anna Strong series has been one of my favorites.

The first eight books in this series are what you would expect from a well written Urban Fantasy - a kick ass heroine, fights to the death with evil doers,betrayal, and unexpected twists and turns. Blood Bond is different. And different isn't always a bad thing. Blood Bond slightly steps off the normal Urban Fantasy path and gives the reader a more emotion driven road.

Relationships, both romantic and familial, are front and center in this
final installment. Will Anna finally open up her heart and let Frey in? How will she cope with the impending death of her mother? Etc.

Blood Bond takes us on Anna's emotional journey and when I closed the book after reading the final page, I realized that this was the perfect way to say goodbye to Anna.

Recommended for all ANNA STRONG fans.

Blood Bond

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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Corroded

Karina Cooper

After writing happily ever afters for all of her friends in school, Karina Cooper eventually grew up (sort of), went to work in the real world (kind of), where she decided that making stuff up was way more fun (true!). She is the author of dark and sexy paranormal romance, steampunk urban fantasy, and writes across multiple genres with mad glee.

One part glamour, one part dork and all imagination, Karina is also a gamer, an airship captain’s wife, and a steampunk fashionista. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a husband, a menagerie, a severe coffee habit, and a passel of adopted gamer geeks. Visit her at, because she says so.

Keep up with Karina online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.

Corroded, book #3 of the ST. CROIX CHRONICLES
by Karina Cooper

Buy from Amazon / B&N / Carina Press


Hungry for vengeance, Cherry St. Croix is forced to the fog-ridden streets of Victorian London.

My rival, a collector of bounties like myself, has murdered one of my own. In consequence, I have been removed from my house, my staff and all who would support me. I have nowhere else to turn, so I beg asylum within the Midnight Menagerie, London's decadent pleasure garden.

Micajah Hawke's dominance there will not tolerate my presence for long. I am fixated on revenge, but I walk a razor's edge under his scrutiny. His wicked power is not easily ignored, and I must not allow myself to submit—no matter how sweet the sacrifice.

Challenging my rival to a race is the only way to end this—no small task when the quarry is the murderous Jack the Ripper. As my enemies close in, I fear the consequences of this hunt. I am trapped between two killers, and what doesn't kill me may leave its scars forever.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Michelle L. Olson:
*eARC Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Corroded was another amazing read by Karina Cooper! She's evolving so much with her St. Croix Chronicles, and you can really feel how enmeshed she's becoming in Cherry and the world when she's writing. Her narrative is so fluid and gripping, yet incredibly legitimate to the time period and sub-genre, even in regards to the divide of hierarchical social dialects. I found it absolutely fascinating.

As I stated at the end of my Gilded review, the series was on a continuously accelerating darkness slide - which I personally, absolutely loved - and after the tragic conclusion of book #2, Corroded was steeped in that darkness. Cherry falls back on old habits to numb her pain and help her on her quest for revenge, and more and more she heaps on the guilt for everything that has happened in the series thus far and finds new ways to punish herself. It was heartbreaking to read, especially after having learned to love Cherry like I have over the course of the series. You just want to give her a huge hug and then slap some sense into her immediately afterward. This heaviness also weighs the very beginning of the book down a bit, making it somewhat of a slower read than the previous books or the last 1/2 of Corroded, but I personally felt it necessary, and very apropos, given the heaviness weighing on and slowing down our leading lady.

Those of us on team Hawke get a startling amount of page time for Micajah in this installment, and it's oh - so - very - good! I can't say any more without giving anything away, but we all know how scary and sexy he can be... well the previous books had nothing on the Cage that we see in Corroded! :)

And as always, Karina gives us yet another incredible Victorian Horror Classic reference/feel (or at least I thought so), and the surprise unveiling of an antagonist that I don't think anybody will see coming. It was head shakingly gasp worthy.

Corroded's ending opened up a lot of doors for this series (or a possible spin-off)as well, and that has this loyal fan and reader incredibly excited.

Another beautifully written and intense St. Croix Chronicle installment that I would readily recommend. I can't wait for more!


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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Hunter's Heart

J.D Tyler is an award-winning, multi-published author who writes for New American Library under three pseudonyms. Whether this is due to an overdose of ambition or a multiple personality affliction, she’ll never tell.

J.D. writes dark, sexy paranormal romance and has a huge thing for shifters, vampires, the Fae, and just about everything else that goes bump and grind in the night. She can’t get enough of those dangerous supernatural heroes, and the fun of creating her own was just too much temptation to resist… so she didn’t. J.D. doesn’t do self-denial.
When she isn’t writing, J.D.’s idea of a good time certainly isn’t cleaning house (sniff), bungee jumping (not in this lifetime, or the next), or camping (her idea of “roughing it” is a slow bellboy). She enjoys reading, being pampered like the diva she is, and spending time with her awesome family. She lives in Texas with her husband and two teenagers.

Keep up with J.D online at her Website, on Facebook, on GoodReads and on Twitter.

Hunter's Heart, Book #4 of the ALPHA PACK series
by J.D Tyler

Buy from Amazon | B&N | Kobo

A group of former Navy SEALS, the Alpha Pack is a top secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers combating the greatest dangers in the world. And when the battle gets personal, their wild side is unleashed….

Ryon Hunter sees dead people—spirits that beg him for help in ways he can’t understand. He’d do anything to end the torment, until a beautiful spirit appears to him with a plea he can’t ignore: Help me…I’m alive. The woman is wildlife biologist Daria Bradford, mortally wounded after encountering a white wolf, calling to Ryon through a rare Psy gift.

When Ryon locates Daria in the Shoshone National Park, it is almost too late, but nursing her back to health at the Alpha Pack compound brings a new complication—Daria is his destined mate, and Ryon is afraid of what will happen when she discovers what he is, and what he had to do to save her life. But the biggest threat of all is still loose in the forest, leaving a merciless trail of death behind it. The Alpha Pack goes on the hunt for the mysterious white wolf, determined to stop the murderous rogue… only to find that the most lethal creature of all is the one they can’t see coming…

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer - Shawnie:
*eBook received to do an honest review.

Hunter's Heart is a book about the connection between two people. It showcases a connection strangers can have, even at a distance, and through impossible circumstances. This was a heart warming book about love
 and finding what you need.

Former Navy SEALS, J.D. Tyler's Alpha Pack is a very top secret team of wolf shifters with Psy abilities brought together to combat the dangers that stalk, hunt and kill in the dead of night and some times, killing isn't necessary. But when a battle thats suppose to be global becomes all too personal for the members of the Alpha Pack some things just have to happen.

Ryon Hunter sees dead people who constantly look and beg to him for help in ways he can’t and doesn't want to understand. He is at the point where he would do just about anything to get rid of his gift, until a spirit appears to him with a plea he isn't even tempted to ignore; Help me… I’m alive. His wolf is at the forefront and anything less than saving the beautiful women is unacceptable... even if he has to go alone.

Daria Bradford is a Wildlife Biologist, who is specializes in the studies of wolves. She loves her job and the wolves she gets to watch over. But strange things are happening in Shoshone National Park where Daria is camping out, but by the time she figures that out its too late.

Ryon isn't letting the woman out of his site, but for good reason, she is his destined mate but he is very nervous about it all. Ryon is a gentleman and a man of absolute honor, but in order to get save his mate he had to do something drastic now he is afraid of what will happen when she discovers what he is, and what he had to do to save her life.

But there is something more important happening in the forest surrounding the Alpha Pack compound and its leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. That means one thing, its time for the pack to hunt and capture (if possible) the threat. But nothing is ever that easy, and there is more to the story than The Alpha Pack first assumed.

Hunter's Heart is a breathtaking book based on a man's honor and a woman's heart. Things never go smoothly, but that is what makes this book such a good one; there is no beating around the bush or hearts left broken. There are secrets that come to light, and everything changes for our Alpha pack with these revealed tidbits, but you cant rush some things, and our wolves have some patience. But love is very much found, strength is shared and knowledge is passed along, people come together, and "magic" happens.

This had to be my second favorite book after Kalen's, but I know it will only get better. I HIGHLY recommend this book and if you haven't started the Alpha Pack series yet, I advise you to do so.

Five skulls that were very much earned.

Hunter's Heart

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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of The Cursed

Alyssa Day is the pen name (and dark and tortured alter ego) of RITA award-winning author Alesia Holliday. She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels. She was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, and spent her childhood moving all around the world with her family and her dad, who was in the U.S. Air Force, living in such varied and wonderful places as Colorado, the Philippines, Alaska, Turkey, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and probably a few other places she has forgotten. After graduating from The Ohio State University (go Buckeyes!) with a degree in sociology, she worked in the real world for a while but then went to law school, graduating summa cum laude from Capital Law School in Columbus, Ohio. She practiced law as a trial lawyer in three different states before deciding that she had more fun with the voices in her head than the ones in courtrooms. After marrying Navy Guy, she started on another round of adventures, moving from Ohio to Florida to Seattle to Florida to Virginia to Florida to Japan (so far!).

A voracious reader, Alyssa has a collection of research books on mythology and history that nearly makes the moving guys cry when they come to pack up her house each time the Navy decides to send her family on a new adventure. When not writing or reading or driving white-knuckled on the left side of the road in Japan, she can be found watching reality TV, going to the movies (she adores really, really bad Sci-Fi movies), travelling, and trying new restaurants. She puts pictures of her adventures as #blondeinJapan up on Facebook and Twitter.

Her WARRIORS OF POSEIDON novels were published by Penguin books, under the Berkley imprint. Atlantis Rising was the first of the series, and was featured on the cover of the March, 2007, issue of Romantic Times BOOKClub magazine. All of the Warriors of Poseidon novels have rocketed to the top of the bestseller lists, and have been featured in the Rhapsody and Doubleday book clubs as well. The Warriors novels follow High Prince Conlan of Atlantis and his elite warriors as they protect humanity, save the world, and find amazing human women to fall in love with. (No mermaids, gills, or fish tails; these warriors are 100% pure alpha male!). The series concluded with Heart of Atlantis in December of 2012.

Alyssa’s exciting new project is an urban fantasy series called THE LEAGUE OF THE BLACK SWAN that combines her love of the paranormal with a hot contemporary setting. Both Alyssa and I are very excited to share it with you!

If you want to keep up with Alyssa online, you can find her at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.

by Alyssa Day

Buy from Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon Ca | B&N | BAM

Bordertown private investigator Luke Oliver’s beat is the dimensional fold in Manhattan between the human and supernatural realms. But now a secret from his past—the League of the Black Swan—has surfaced. Because Luke isn’t any ordinary P.I. He’s the Dark Wizard of Bordertown, and he never backs down from a fight.

But this time the fight threatens his life and his heart. Rio Jones, the only woman he loved, needs his help against a deadly menace. Luke pushed her away once before, so she’d never fall prey to the curse that threatens to destroy him. He swore he’d never let her go again.

Luke and Rio, with the help of the newly reformed League, must keep evil forces from taking over Bordertown—all the while battling a passion on the razor’s edge between danger and desire. And going to take everything they have just to stay alive.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer - Shawnie:
*eBook gifted by LITERAL ADDICTION in exchange for an honest review

The Cursed is set in a backdrop of New York City, Manhattan to be precise, but nothing is as it seems. Welcome to Bordertown.

Luke Oliver is Bordertown's resident 'dark and mysterious wizard;, and has been tryingto keep a low profile. Nobody can hide forever though, and the past has a way of catching up you; no matter who you are.

After having an interesting conversation with Maestro, an active member of the Order, in which he's given an envelope that contains a photograph of a young woman and nothing else, Luke is shaken; he knows the woman. He's seen her around his office building when she stops in to deliver packages, and he wants her like nothing else. Even though he's been trying to stay away from her and keep his feelings under wraps - for reasons he can never explain to her - he still feels like he knows her and things just don't add up. The burning question of the hour... Why does the League want the woman? And why do they want Luke, of all people, involved?

Rio Jones - just one of the many names she uses as a shield to keep people at a distance - is an enigma. She's a 24 year old Bike Messenger in Bordertown, and her employer is a Siren. She didn't have an easy life, and from what Alyssa allows us to read in The Cursed, it's still not easy (sorry, no spoilers). After growing up in an orphanage run by a convent, Rio's got more scars and unanswered questions than she is willing to deal with, but it all comes out in the wash — or rather when she's twenty-four hours away from turning 25.

The book starts out simmering, and then explodes into an all out rat race as Rio and Luke try to figure out exactly what's going on, and determine why everyone wants Rio.

Turning twenty-five is significant in the supernatural world, but Rio doesn't think there is anything supernatural about her. Yeah, she can read minds, but that's nothing serious. Little does she know that things are about to get REAL serious, when two different factions basically start a war in their attempt to get her for themselves and keep her away from the other.

I have to say, I was hesitant with this book, but I'm glad I got the chance to read it. I can totally see myself reading the next installments of the series. The love story that paralleled the main storyline was great. Luke and Rio had to come to terms with themselves and each other, but once they did, they were all in.

My only complaint was that the book took awhile to get to where it was all going. All of the running around and the secrets/hints about who Rio really was, etc was annoying at times, yet hilarious at others.

I give this 4 1/2 skulls, and absolutely recommend it.

The Cursed

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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of (Never) Again

Theresa Paolo lives in the same town she grew up in on Long Island, NY with her boyfriend and Milton, their big eyed goldfish. She has a hard time accepting the fact she’s nearing thirty which is why she writes New Adult and Young Adult books, reliving the best and worst years of her life through her characters. She put her love of writing on hold while she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Dowling College. On November 11th 2011 at 11:11 she made a wish. Two hours later she was laid off. Jobless for the first time since she was sixteen she was determined to make her wish come true. Writing became her life again and after many nights of ignoring her boyfriend to spend time with her characters, she finally received the call that all her hard work, finger crossing and eye crossing paid off. She was getting published. When she’s not writing, she’s behind a camera or can be found in the blogosphere or on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. She is repped by the amazing Brittany Booker of The Booker Albert Literary Agency.

Connect with Theresa online at her Blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.

(Never) Again
by Theresa Paolo

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Publication Date:  10/15/13

Just when she had finally moved on…
…He moved back.

When college freshman Liz Wagner hears her ex's voice for the first time since he moved clear across the freaking country, she does what any respectable girl would do: Dive into the girls' bathroom.

Zach Roberts—the Zach Roberts—is back. And he’s everywhere Liz looks—infiltrating her friend group, buddy-buddy with her brother. It’s enough to ruin college altogether. But what choice does she have but to put on a happy face and pretend he didn't leave her vulnerable and alone in a pile of emotional wreckage?

Pretending works, until tragedy strikes and the only person available for comfort is the one person she wants to stay away from. When Zach turns out not to be the jerk she convinced herself he was, but the boy she used to love, Liz needs to decide whether to open her heart again to the boy who tore it out.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer - Marta C:
*eARC received from the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

My first read from this author and most definitely not my last! I loved it! The emotions just tore me apart; yes I even cried.

(Never) Again is a story told in first person about Liz Wagner and how she's starting life in college. At eighteen she knows all about heartbreak, as the boy she loved moved away and never kept in touch. Falling into depression, she let her school work slide and misses out on going to the college of her dreams. Now she's rebuilt her life and has even managed to find happiness with Joe. Then, one day everything changes. Zach Roberts is back! Feeling like life is kicking her in the teeth, Liz is expected to just smile and carry on as if her world didn't fall apart when he deserted her. To make matters worse Zach is constantly around and just so perfect!

Struggling to balance her feelings for Joe while avoiding Zach is not an easy task. To add insult to injury, Liz's own brother,Josh, is all friendly with him as well. Then one day life changes. Tragedy strikes, and Liz needs support more than ever. Can she trust Zach or will he let her down again? What about her relationship with Joe? Will it stand up to the pressure that surrounds them all?

I am speechless with admiration at the sheer depth of this book. The author has written a story that while aimed at a young adult market is full of heart. The heroine Liz is just a dream to read about, as she struggles with coming to terms with her adulthood and the complications that romance can bring. She's bright and funny, and her opinion that life just bitch slaps her is one that will resonate with a lot of readers. This story is full of well written characters and humor. It's impossible not to care for Liz and Zach. When tragedy strikes, it's a shock, and written in such a way that the reader cannot help but feel emotionally involved. Truly moving.

Well done Ms. Paolo, and... more please.

(Never) Again

[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Raw: Torn Between Two Lovers

National Bestselling author Jo Davis is best known for her popular Firefighters of Station Five series written as Jo Davis, and her dark, sexy paranormal series Alpha Pack, written as J.D. Tyler. PRIMAL LAW, the first book in her Alpha Pack series, is the winner of the National Reader's Choice Award in Paranormal. She's also been a multiple finalist in the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, a finalist for the Bookseller's Best Award, has captured the HOLT Medallion Award of Merit, and has been a two-time nominee for the Australian Romance Readers Award in romantic suspense.

Jo's books regularly appear on the Neilson Bookscan, Barnes and Noble, BooksOnBoard, and Amazon bestseller lists, among others.

Jo is currently at work on a new contemporary romance series titled SUGARLAND BLUE for NAL/Signet Eclipse, a spin-off of her Firefighters of Station Five series scheduled to debut in April 2013 with the kick-off novella ARMED AND DANGEROUS. Book 1, SWORN TO PROTECT, is being released May 7, 2013. She's also publishing a new FBI series, ARMED AND DEADLY, set to debut in April 2013 with ONE LAST KISS. Jo lives in Texas with her two kids and a cute Boston terrier.

Connect with Jo online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.

Raw: Torn Between Two Lovers Book #1
by Jo Davis

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Publication Date: 10/15/13

TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS is a gripping and sexy romance trilogy with a unique twist: Our heroine needs your help to decide who wins her heart… RAW introduces this sizzling new series, in which two enticing men will vie for Anna’s heart—culminating in a choice that will be determined by reader vote!

Anna Claire is a prominent restaurateur, the toast of New York. She’s not one to let down her guard, but her new prep chef is gorgeous enough to cause her to break her own rules, and soon she’s tearing up the sheets with Grayson James. More than that, she’s falling in love.

Until she discovers that Grayson is no chef. He’s an FBI agent investigating a drug ring he suspects is using her restaurant. Anna is shattered to learn she was just part of his cover.

The case means everything to Gray, right until the moment he loses what matters the most—not his intended target, but Anna. Gray is devastated when the woman he loves learns of his betrayal. Especially with his greatest enemy all too eager to take advantage of her…

So, will you join #TeamGrayson or #TeamJoaquin? Make the informed choice: Don’t miss RISKY, available in November 2013.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer - Marta C:
*eARC Received from the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

This is a mix of contemporary romance and a little suspense . It's also quite an unusual twist on the usual trilogies available to readers, as we get to pick the ending! In this, the first installment, we meet one potential lover, but at the end of the book another suitor is introduced ready for the next book one month later. The idea is that readers will get to vote for their favorite, and their choice will determine just who the heroine will get for her happy ever after.

Anna Clair is a very hard working restaurant owner who devotes little time to her personal life. Her hard work has paid off and her successful restaurant is going from strength to strength. She has recently employed a very charismatic prep chef Grayson James who awakens desires she's long ignored. One night, Anna is subjected to an attack when leaving work, and luckily Grayson is on hand to save her. It's time for Anna to seize the moment and give in to the attraction that she feels for him. Their relationship is all consuming and pretty soon Anna is falling hard for Grayson.

Grayson has a secret though. He's not a chef, he's really an FBI agent who has been placed deep undercover to investigate a drug ring that appears to be based at Anna's restaurant. Grayson is beginning to see Anna as more than just a suspect, and wants nothing more than to prove her innocence. Anna discovers his deception and is left devastated and wants nothing more to do with him. Will he convince her of his love? As this book ends Anna encounters the sexy and enigmatic Joaquin and the question is, has Grayson lost what he most wants?

This is a delight to read. It's a book chock full of passion and intrigue. The reader gets action both in and out of the bedroom, and while it clearly has a cliffhanger ending, its not so annoying that the reader is left screaming at the final page. Ms. Davis has very cleverly chosen to release the follow up, Risky, just one month after publication of this.

So are you Team Grayson or Team Joaquin?

*I wanted to give the book more skulls, but this is just one of those books where I didn't connect with the main character. I found myself not really liking Anna, and that deducted a few points for me, personally.

Raw: Torn Between Two Lovers

[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of The Fifth Favor

At the age of ten, Shelby Reed wrote her first romance with Prince Charming — literally! — as the hero, and it's been non-stop story spinning ever since.

Despite the idealistic place from which she embarked, she's partial to writing realistic, flawed, multi-faceted characters, lush emotion, and the ever-possible happy ending.

While currently published in the sub-genre of "Romantica" with Ellora's Cave, she hopes to explore other literary horizons such as suspense, fantasy, and young adult romance in the future.

When not pecking away at the computer keyboard, Shelby enjoys creative projects such as portraiture and decorating, dabbles in Tarot, and lives a bucolic life with her own Prince Charming in North Florida.

Connect with Shelby online at her Website and on GoodReads.

The Fifth Favor
by Shelby Reed

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Publication Date:  11/5/13

Imagine a world where a woman's every pleasure, every wish and wildest fantasy is granted by the man of her dreams. Such is Avalon, an elite, private club in Washington, D.C., that caters solely to female desires. There, magazine reporter Billie Cort meets Adrian, the club's most infamous companion, with the intent to interview him for an article on high-dollar male escorts. Billie can't foresee, however, how quickly Adrian will strip her defenses and expose her true desires and in the process, fulfill his own yearning for love.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer - Marta C:
*eARC received from the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

This book is a heartbreaking tale of the shady world of gigolos and the women who seek them out. It's set in a very select club -Avalon- where affluent women seek out male company. Billie is a reporter for the magazine Illicit that has been granted an in-depth interview with one of their most experienced male companions, Adrian. She's unsure what to expect from their meeting, but from the outset is intrigued by the very suave and sinful escort.

Billie goes into her meeting with Adrian expecting something seedy and maybe even demeaning, but what she finds is a young man full of charm and guile. Adrian quickly turns the tables on Billie and proceeds to press buttons that she never knew she had. His almost incidental attempted seduction of her wakes her up to challenges she has never before encountered. Deeply attracted to Adrian and unsure just what his motives are, Billie finds herself becoming more then a little immersed in the sexy yet remote man. As they get to know each other Adrian takes charge more and it's apparent that his interest in her could reveal a part of himself that he tries to deny.

Tragedy strikes when Luke a fellow gigolo feels that his life of excess and debauchery is pointless. ,Feeling an unrequited love for his friend, he commits suicide whilst staying at Adrian's apartment. Suspicions run high, and Billie finds her new feelings for Adrian tested as he struggles to prove his innocence.

This is a book that surprised me. I expected it to be an erotic ride full of sex and thrills. Yes it is a sexy read, but the two main characters constantly keep each other at a distance in so many ways. It's a sensuous read full of hot interludes, but the author doesn't rush the pace. The build up between Adrian and Billie allows the reader to connect and care about them.

A thoroughly engaging read that keeps you on the edge as you wait for the young couple to hopefully find a way forward together.

Well done Ms.Reed on creating characters that actually grow as the book progresses! Recommended.

The Fifth Favor

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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Kinked

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Thea Harrison is the pen name for Teddy Harrison. Thea has traveled extensively, having lived in England and explored Europe for several years. Now she resides in Colorado. She wrote her first book, a romance, when she was nineteen and had sixteen romances published under the name Amanda Carpenter.

She took a break from writing to collect a couple of graduate degrees and a grown child. She experienced waitressing as a teenager, has worked as an activist for a non-profit consumer rights organization, has been a receptionist, an office manager, a penniless graduate student, a director of development and research, and a single mom. Her graduate degrees are in Philanthropic Studies and Library Information Science, but her first love has always been writing fiction.

Her paranormal Elder Races series began May 3, 2011 with Dragon Bound, which won RT Book Review’s Book of the Year Award, and the Romance Writer’s of America RITA in the paranormal romance category.

All five of her full length novels in the Elder Races series have won Top Picks from RT Book Reviews. Book two in the series, Storm’s Heart, and book four, Oracle’s Moon, hit the USA Today bestseller’s list, while book three, Serpent’s Kiss, hit the New York Times extended bestseller list. Her fifth book, Lord’s Fall, hit both the USA Today and the New York Times extended lists.

She adores animals and currently resides with two small dogs that have very large personalities.

Connect with Thea online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.

Kinked, ELDER RACES Book #7
by Thea Harrison

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Publication Date 11/5/13

Two opponents must confront the cause of their obsessive fury in the latest Novel of the Elder Races…

As a harpy, Sentinel Aryal is accustomed to dealing with hate, but Sentinel Quentin Caeravorn manages to inspire in her a burning ire unlike anything she’s ever known. Aryal believes the new Sentinel to be a criminal, and vows to take him out as soon as the opportunity arises. But the harpy’s incessant wrath has pushed Quentin to the limit, and forces him to make a deadly vow of his own.

To put an end to the conflict, Dragos, Lord of the Wyr, sends them on a reconnaissance mission to the Elven land of Numenlaur. Forced to work together, Aryal and Quentin’s mutual antagonism escalates. Each fight draws forth more passion—culminating in an explosively sexual confrontation. But when their quest reveals real danger, Aryal and Quentin must resolve their differences in ways beyond the physical, before the entire Wyr is threatened.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer - Marta C:
*eARC received from the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

This is the sixth book in the fast moving Elder Races series about creatures based on myths.

This is surely the most eagerly anticipated installment by those following this series. Readers who have followed the snarky and frequently dangerous Aryal, a sentinel who just happens to be a most cantankerous harpy, will surely rejoice as it's time for her to reveal her true self.

Enter the sexy Quentin, a fellow sentinel who happens to be the one man that she is determined to get her talons into. Aryal knows he's hiding something and is not to be trusted; he's a criminal, and she fully intends to expose him no matter the cost.

From the onset these two protagonists set the pages on fire! Their violent interchanges are truly jaw dropping in intensity. Realizing that Aryal won't give him a moments peace, Quentin snaps, and they have a dramatic encounter that results in them both being sent away by Dragos, Lord of the Wyr. Their mission? To remain together for the next few weeks to learn to either work in harmony or resign from their duties.

Flying to Prague they begin their reconnaissance of Numenlaur -an abandoned Elven land - but the sexual tension between them continues to escalate and these two dominant characters scorch the page as they stop tip toeing around and go for the jugular! Each step they take challenges them and they will have to work together to survive unthinkable dangers.

This was truly an amazing read right from the outset. These two people leap out off the page and into reality! It's almost impossible not to be aghast at their treatment of each other, and as their story unfolds, the reader is left stunned by the sheer animal magnetism that drives them both.

This is not a comfortable easy read, and at times almost threatened to become hard core erotica, but Ms. Harrison managed to comfortably show warmth and passion in the two leads. Vulnerability has never been so sexy! :)