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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of The Kraken King Parts IV, V & VI

Meljean Brook was raised in the middle of the woods, and hid under her blankets at night with fairy tales, comic books, and romances. She left the forest and went on a misguided tour through the world of accounting before focusing on her first loves, reading and writing–and she realized that monsters, superheroes, and happily-ever-afters are easily found between the covers, as well as under them, so she set out to make her own.

Meljean lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and daughter.

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The Kraken King IV
IRON SEAS Book #4.4

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The Kraken King has declared that Zenobia Fox is under his protection—and with her identity revealed, she needs that protection more than ever. But it comes with a price when Ariq demands that Zenobia reveal her secrets in return.

Ariq wants nothing more than for Zenobia to trust him, and he knows exactly which sensual tricks will breach her defenses. But although she urgently desires the powerful governor, Zenobia isn’t a woman who will be easily won with a few passionate kisses.

When his ambush goes awry, Ariq discovers just how deeply he can hurt her—but the real danger to Zenobia is one that he never expected…

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Vivacious Valkyrie - Marta:
*Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review

Well this is the fourth instalment of The Kraken King and I think the title says it all! Zenobia Fox may be close to realising the end of her mission -which is getting her friend safely to Red City but her life is never uneventful. Having survived a failed kidnapping attempt thanks to Ariq ,Zenobia is well aware that her true identity has been revealed. Ariq has offered her his protection but Zenobia has yet to realise just how much he's truly offering. Just because they have reached Red City does not mean the journey is over though as Zenobias trials are only just beginning and this time she's not alone.

Wow, it's hard to review this without spoilers and it would be a crying shame to ruin it for readers so discretion is vital here. This series has been an amazing find full of twists and turns. Zenobia is such a plucky girl but she's not one to trust easily and I fear that when she gives her heart it's going to be a monumental thing. She's been sheltered in many ways but this is a woman who wishes to be emancipated and take full control of her own life and destiny. Ariq, oo lets just take a pause and try to get my feelings for that guy under control! He's so much more than he seemed initially. Born into a family that can and does hurt each other with no fear of consequences he has learned to rely solely on himself and yet he's such a loyal man. Ariq may have qualms about Zenobias secrets and true agenda but he won't let a little thing like fear stand in his way. He's a man prepared to fight for what he wants and it's clear that what he really wants is Zenobia!

Ms Brooks is a cruel woman! This is left as possibly the most infuriating cliffhanger that I have ever come across ! The only redeeming feature as far as I can see is that the next instalment is scheduled to be released soon but luckily if you prefer to read an entire story at your leisure a complete and full length edition of this story is expected later this year.

This wasn't my favourite episode as I really do enjoy all the exciting world building that this author excels at but here we were treated to more intimate moments as Zenobias barriers start to fall. The last couple of pages just blew me away and believe me if swooning was my type of thing then yep most definitely I'd would do that for Ariq! It's a wonderful ride the author is taking the readers on with intricate settings, political intrigue , fantastical creatures , strong butt kicking characters and of course heart stopping romance.

The Kraken King Part V
IRON SEAS Book #4.5


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With their lives and the fate of an empire at stake, Ariq is forced to leave Zenobia behind. Held captive by their enemies, Zenobia can only pray that Ariq keeps his promise to come for her—until a terrible loss prods her to action.

Ariq has no intention of handing over the Skybreaker to the two men responsible for the marauders’ attacks against Krakentown—but without a ransom to give them, Ariq must risk everything to rescue Zenobia and stop the swarming forces bent on destruction…

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Vivacious Valkyrie - Marta:
*Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review
Episode five in this adventure that has this reader absolutely gripped! This stunning tale blends a steampunk world with heart stopping romance and it's a simply fantastic ride! Do not read this without the previous parts as you would be missing out on an awesome journey. Sit back and allow this author to whisk us away to a fantastical land filled with daredevil escapades and monstrous events that will leave the reader breathless .

Zenobia has been separated from Ariq but not before he vowed his heart and soul to her. She's not really sure she can trust his feelings but one thing she does believe is he's a man of honour and if it's possible to rescue her he will. Ariq has no such doubts and is a wily type who will not go quietly. He knows the whereabouts of a war machine the likes of which the world has yet to see but refuses to stand by and quietly watch the world go to blazes. Zenobias very safety is in Ariqs hands but he's a man with a plan and woe betide any who get in his way!
I am loving this series and so wish I'd discovered this author sooner. The world building is fantastic and if honest I don't have enough superlatives to describe just how vibrant it truly is. This particular part is almost in two halves as we have initially the escape plans of both Ariq and Zenobia to follow and then we are treated to a very passionate encounter! Zenobia may not be fully convinced of Ariqs true feelings and intentions but believe me when I say that he's a very persuasive man!

Things are certainly heating up for our intrepid hero and heroine but Zenobias adventure is far from over. The question of evading recapture is playing heavily on their minds but equally what would happen if they succeed is never far from their thoughts. Will Zenobia take her chances and stay with Ariq or return to her brother and the saner world she's used to? Zenobia feels that she's lost so much but sometimes when all is gone the only thing left is hope!

The Kraken King Part VI
IRON SEAS Book #4.6


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Reunited, Ariq and Zenobia must journey over the red wall and make a desperate appeal to the one woman with enough power to halt the marauders’ plans—the Empress of Nippon.

But even the Kraken King cannot demand the attentions of an empress. Masked and quarantined, Ariq and Zenobia are forced to bide their time. Despite the fact that they are as physically close as two people can be, Zenobia is trying to keep the man she can’t help but love at a distance, terrified she’ll be hurt again. And all the while, the mysteries of the Living City grow around them…

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Vivacious Valkyrie - Marta:
*Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review

Episode six in this amazing story which although steampunk will appeal to all lovers of a good story. Just two more episodes to come and then our adventurous heroine Zenobia's story will be told. Although primarily a tale full of mayhem and amazing things in this instalment the author ramps up the steam ! Prepare to sit back and vibrate with need for more as Ms Brook seems determined to drive her readers wild.

Zenobia and Ariq seem to have finally reached an understanding and realise that they both ultimately want the same thing. Ariq still fears that Zenobia will leave him but slowly and surely his battle to win her is approaching success. Ariq must travel over the wall if he's to prevent the forces of Nippon from destroying his home but leaving Zenobia behind is something he's not prepared to do. So much manipulation and intruigue has surrounded the couple and now they prepare to take the ultimate step into what's probably the most inhospitable place on earth. The Empress has eyes everywhere and Ariq has many enemies who will stop at nothing in order to learn his secrets. If war is to be prevented Ariq and Zenobia must trust in each other as there's no one else who can be trusted in Nippon!

I found this instalment to be over far too quick! It's not the most action packed episode but it brought characters back into play. It's great to have the bodyguards, feisty Mara and self contained Cooper back as although they are supporting characters I've loved their interactions and reading about Maras chiding's of Zenobia is always such a hoot! Poor Ariq seems to be in a hopeless place as so many of those he needs to connect with will cling to what feels safe and I'm not quite sure how this problem can be resolved. There are many who would happily sit back and see him fail but he won't be deterred. Our favourite couple have come too far to just give up now and danger may be all around but there's light as they finally (finally!) truly explore their own relationship. Prepare to be moved as Zenobia fully experiences what it is to be loved by a man such as Ariq!

So almost two things happening here. Ariq is running out of time whilst trying to stop a huge chunk of Austrailia from being blown up and also the intrepid couple take their relationship and ramp it up a huge notch! If you read for the romance then you will not be disappointed and if you read for the plot and action then it's certainly all posed now to blow our minds! I'm loving this and can't wait for more and heartily recommend this authors work.

The Kraken King IV, V & VI

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