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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Temptation by Fire

CPA-turned-romance-author Tiffany Allee used to battle spreadsheets in Corporate America, and now concentrates on her characters’ battles to find love. Raised in small-town Colorado, Tiffany currently lives in Phoenix, AZ, by way of Chicago and Denver. She is happily married to a secret romantic who tolerates her crazy mutterings.

She writes about ass-kicking heroines and the strong heroes who love them. Her work includes the suspense-driven From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agencyseries which revolves around a group of paranormal cops solving crimes and finding love, and Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid, a lighthearted paranormal romance (Entangled Publishing).

Tiffany is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

Keep up with Tiffany online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.

 Temptation by Fire

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Visions of death haunt her . . .

Ava Keller sees the future. When she suffers a horrifying vision of a man's violent death, she knows from experience nothing she does will stop it from becoming a reality. But when she meets a strong, broken man, he makes her want to believe in second chances.

Vengeance consumes him . . .

Tortured by his past, Karson has worked tirelessly to wreak vengeance on the demons who murdered his family. But when Ava inadvertently disrupts his intricate plan for revenge, his focus shifts to an all-consuming need to keep her alive and in his arms.

Love could save their souls . . .

Thrown together by fate, Ava and Karson explore their new feelings and discover hope for the future. But they must battle the demons threatening humanity to find a destiny worthy of their love.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Vivacious Valkyrie - Marta:
*Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review

The name Tiffany Allee is a new one to me but one that I certainly won't forget. This, my first book by her, has definitely got her a new admirer! Fans of paranormal romance and urban fantasy should most definitely put this author on their must buy list . Fast paced and full of action Temptation By Fire is a book that's hard to put down.

The story centres around Ava who has the ability ( although she sees it as a curse) to sometimes get visions whilst touching people. She's learned the hard way to avoid human contact as much as possible and really only fully trusts her best friend Miriam. Miriam is a medical student and whilst visiting her one day Ava meets two completely different men. Thomas, blonde and seemingly friendly and his darkly brooding companion Karson. She gets a terrible vision about Thomas burning alive and yet it's Karson who for some reason she can't stop thinking about.

Ava is many things but she most definitely is not a coward and she sets out to find Thomas and do all she can to save him. What started out as a chance encounter is about to completely change Ava's view on life as she quickly finds herself drawn into a world of demons and those who hunt them. Her psychic gift is going to lead her into more danger then Ava's ever imagined but it's her heart that will be truly tested.
Excellent story about demon hunting and yes I've read a few! What makes this book stand out for me is the quality of the writing as Ms Allee gives her characters a strong voice. There are many books that feature different points of view as the story unfolds but these two main characters literally seem to leap off the page. When I read a book of this type I usually imagine myself as the heroine falling for the hero but here I wanted to be the hero! The guys viewpoint is so strong that it didn't feel in any way like a typical paranormal type romance. Although I do have to say that it's a hot read and If this is a series then count me in! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and although I usually prefer a longer read would have no hesitation in rating this a five.

Temptation by Fire

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