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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Cole's Redemption

J.D Tyler is an award-winning, multi-published author who writes for New American Library under three pseudonyms. Whether this is due to an overdose of ambition or a multiple personality affliction, she’ll never tell.

J.D. writes dark, sexy paranormal romance and has a huge thing for shifters, vampires, the Fae, and just about everything else that goes bump and grind in the night. She can’t get enough of those dangerous supernatural heroes, and the fun of creating her own was just too much temptation to resist… so she didn’t. J.D. doesn’t do self-denial.
When she isn’t writing, J.D.’s idea of a good time certainly isn’t cleaning house (sniff), bungee jumping (not in this lifetime, or the next), or camping (her idea of “roughing it” is a slow bellboy). She enjoys reading, being pampered like the diva she is, and spending time with her awesome family. She lives in Texas with her husband and two teenagers.
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Cole's Redemption

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Once, they were Navy SEALS. Now they are the Alpha Pack: a top secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers who take on the darkest dangers on Earth. But sometimes the greatest danger lies within their own hearts....

Healer and black wolf shifter Zander Cole has survived horrors that would have broken a weaker man. But when a battle leaves him deaf and his powers dimmed, Zan is devastated. Believing himself to be a burden to his team, he sees only one option: leave the Pack forever.

White wolf shifter Selene Westfall knows pain—she is certain her father was responsible for her mother’s death. And she lives to exact revenge. So when she is challenged by a savage black wolf, she puts up a vicious fight—only to become the black wolf’s Bondmate as a result of his bite.

Two damaged souls—one filled with hatred and one who’s lost his reason for living—are forced together as they come to terms with their unlikely, turbulent bond. A love neither expected may be all that stands between them and a killer trying desperately to keep the past dead and buried....

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Vivacious Valkyrie - Marta:

This is book five in J D Tyler's Alpha Pack series and it was lovely to catch up with those guys. These are ex navy seals each with unique Psychic powers who were viciously attacked by werewolves whilst serving in Afghanistan and now they perform covert operations for the government. The Alpha Pack are the ones sent in when any paranormal crime is detected but theirs is not an ideal life . Hidden away these men may still be fighting for their country but they are also fighting for their own survival . Rogue vampires are attacking people in board daylight and somehow the Alpha Pack have to find out just who is behind it. Problem is they may not like the answer!

Zander Cole has recently been injured and now is left with limited hearing and his healing ability is quite literally killing him. He knows that he's becoming a liability to his team but all he wants is to do his job . Seriously hurting he goes out for a run but comes across a beautiful white wolf attacking his commander Nick Westfall and intervenes. When he pulls the smaller wolf off he bites her and everything changes. She's not just a random shifter attacking , no she's the estranged daughter of his commander Nick and that makes her a born wolf! Zander has quite literally bitten off more than he can chew because it turns out the white wolf Selene is his mate and he just triggered their mating bond!

Selene Westfall is there to kill her father but Nick and the team take her in to allow her and Zander time to get to know each other. Selene had always believed her father Nick to be a cruel murderer but what she sees in him is at total odds with everything she's been told. Zander is beyond pleased with his luck in finding the one woman who could be his perfect mate but knows that treading carefully is the only way to go. Selenes hatred of her father has made her bitter and Zander is not exactly in a good place himself but together the two damaged wolves might be able to find happiness. The past is starting to collide with the present and it's bringing even more danger into the Alpha Pack but facing it head on is their only choice.

I love these books as not only is the world building almost believable but for me it's the diverse characters that just command my attention. These guys are such strong personalities and it's fabulous the way the author brings out each ones individual quirks. Zander has always relied on his ability to heal others but without that and his own hearing damaged he clearly feels that he no longer belongs. It's a heartbreaking moment but the author quickly introduces the heroine Selene to offset any sentimentality and trust me Selene does not do sentimentality! I will be honest and say I thought they connected a bit too easily for this reader but it's explained as Selene is a born wolf and therefore used to the idea of mating. I just prefer a bit more of a chase but that's a personal thing. Their physical relationship is almost immediate and is frequent but I didn't find it erotic although other readers may well find it a sensual read.

It's an interesting idea to bring Selene into the series as we now find out a lot more about wolf pack dynamics and in particular Nicks history. Im sure Ms Tyler is about to reveal a lot more in her next book and I for one am looking forward to it. So really what we have here is a story within a story. Selene's need for revenge is part of it but it's a complicated series of lies that have been told . Her mating with Zander could well be the salvation of both of them but then we also have the Rogue vampire problem and it's interesting to note that vampires are also introduced as possible allies which could well lead to other stories. Quite a simple romance in many ways but it's everything that's happening around that this reader really enjoyed. I so want Nick to get his happy ever after , I want to read an awful lot more about the Fae, I really need to know more about the vampires and oh yes I must mention a certain sorcerer and doctor do experience something magical!
Well written and it was fabulous to catch up with these guys. Lots going on and still an awful lot more to come from the Alpha pack . Well worth reading this series in order and a good read for lovers of shifter stories.

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