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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Immortal

V.K. Forrest and Hunter Morgan are pseudonyms used by Colleen Faulkner.

Colleen Faulkner is the daughter of best-selling author Judith E. French. A Southern Delaware resident, Colleen has published more than forty historical romance, contemporary romance, and suspense novels, and won numerous awards, including The Diamond Award for literary excellence in the state of Delaware.

Immortal, CLARE POINT #3
Author: V.K Forrest

For centuries, the Kahill vampire clan has lived quietly among locals and tourists in the tranquil beachfront village of Clare Point. In Immortal,V.K. Forrest weaves the unforgettable tale of Fin, a Kahill clan leader who discovers that the woman he loves may harbor a secret too dark to comprehend...


Magnetic, fearless Fin Kahill has dedicated his life to ridding the world of its most vicious serial killers. Fin is used to roaming the earth freely—not getting stuck in sleepy Clare Point. But when the clan needs him close by, Fin agrees to take a summer job on the town's tiny police force. He expects little excitement—until he meets Elena, an ethereal Italian beauty.

As Fin struggles against his feelings for Elena, the peace in Clare Point is shattered by the inexplicable murder of a tourist. The young man's throat has been cut, his body eerily posed. When the killer strikes again, Fin wonders if a member of his own clan is responsible. The only one he can turn to is Elena, but he knows that falling in love with a human can be a deadly mistake. Yet just as Fin edges closer to solving the murders, he discovers Elena may not be exactly who, or what, she appears...

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Michelle L. Olson:
CLARE POINT continues to keep me captivated and I find myself just wanting more!

As one of the Celtic Immortal sect of Kahill vampires, each member has a responsibility to keep the human race safe. The way they chose to do this is by investigating, judging and if voted, executing human serial killers, rapists, pedophiles and other monsters.

Fin Kahill is an integral member of this team. We meet Fin - Fia's younger brother and troubled bad boy Regan's twin - briefly in book #1 of the series. After Regan gets himself into some trouble during a mission, Fin is reeled back in and put on Regan babysitting duty back in Clare Point for the summer. He hates it, but makes the best of it by helping out his uncle Sean on the police force and keeping his family happy.

Like most small beachside tourist towns, Clare Point is hopping during the summer. There are numerous humans visiting and lots of activity all over town. When young men start turning up dead all of a sudden, Fin takes over the lead on the investigation. While he's looking into the murders he runs into Elena, a gorgeous older Italian woman in Clare Point on holiday with her family. Fin knows he's not suppose to have anything to do with human females, but he feels an immediate connection to Elena and figures it's the least the town can do - look the other way - especially since he's being forced to do just about everything he doesn't want to be doing.

As the murder mystery gets more and more involved, and blame gets shifted numerous times, Fin realizes that things aren't what they seem and Elena just might be in the middle of it all.

The ending of this installment was very interesting and I loved the growth and development of the 'reborn' group of Kahills - those members who have just recently died and have been reborn as 16 year olds - during the story. I especially like the development and growth of Kaleigh, the sect's wisewoman. She's starting to come into her own and I'm finding that I love her character.

The romance in this one was super steamy as well. Not that the other books were anything to sneeze at, but this one was great. I think maybe it's because I've always sort of had a thing for Fin, but it was just hot! :)

I can't wait to see which Kahill we'll learn more about next, and I'm excited to see what exciting mysterious journey V.K takes us on in the future. This is definitely a new favorite series for me and I can't wait to keep reading.

LITERAL ADDICTION gives Immortal 4 Skulls.


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