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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Undying

V.K. Forrest and Hunter Morgan are pseudonyms used by Colleen Faulkner.

Colleen Faulkner is the daughter of best-selling author Judith E. French. A Southern Delaware resident, Colleen has published more than forty historical romance, contemporary romance, and suspense novels, and won numerous awards, including The Diamond Award for literary excellence in the state of Delaware.

Undying, CLARE POINT #2
Author: V.K Forrest

Returning to the Kahill vampire clan, the second installment of the Clare Point series introduces Arlan, a fierce member of the clan who must fight his desire for a love most forbidden.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Michelle L. Olson:
V.K Forrest continues the tale of the Kahill vampires, a Celtic sect of immortals cursed by God to be reborn lifetime after lifetime until they get it right.

In book #1, we meet Arlan. Arlan is a Kahill vampire with the unique ability to shapeshift. He's also been in love with Fia Kahill, the heroine of Eternal, for centuries.

When a serial killer continues his rampage across the U.S, Fia finds herself investigating the murders and enlisting Arlan's help. As members of the sect's Council, Fia and Arlan have a responsibility to keep the humans safe from monsters like this Buried Alive Killer, and so they are just as invested (if not more so) than the human authorities.

Fia is also receiving help from an anonymous caller who has ties to the serial killer. Macy finds herself caught up in the disturbing life and activities of the psycho, and after seeing Fia on TV during the Clare Point murders the year before (the storyline of Eternal, book #1) she immediately feels a connection to her and knows that she can help.

During the course of the mystery Arlan and Macy meet and sparks fly. Arlan knows that he's not supposed to be with a human female, but he can't deny the attraction he feels for Macy and Macy is a progressive woman - she knows what she wants and she's not afraid to ask for it.

The action packed storyline of Undying was even better than Eternal. A nail-biting, gasp inducing thrill ride. It was dark, disturbing, and beautifully written.

One thing I will say for V.K's books... they don't follow rules and they don't have expected happy endings. If you're looking for a series with 'guy meets girl, couple falls in love, everyone lives happily ever after' then these might not be right for you. :)

LITERAL ADDICTION gives Undying 4 1/2 Skulls. I absolutely love this series - it's the best mesh of each of my favorite sub-genres and nothing like anything I've read before.


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