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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Two Weeks' Notice

Rachel Caine is the New York Times, USA Today and internationally bestselling author of more than 30 novels, including the immensely popular Morganville Vampires series, the Weather Warden series, and the Outcast Season series.

She was born at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, attended Socorro High School in El Paso, Texas, and earned a bachelors degree in business administration from Texas Tech University. She’s worked in many jobs, including accounting, graphic designer, insurance investigation, corporate communications, and web design, to name just a few. She became a full time writer in 2010.

Rachel is married to award-winning fantasy artist R. Cat Conrad.

Two Weeks' Notice, Book #2 of the REVIVALIST series
Author: Rachel Caine

After dying and being revived with the experimental drug Returne, Bryn Davis is theoretically free to live her unlife - with regular doses to keep her going. But Bryn knows the government has every intention of keeping a tight lid on Pharmadene's life altering discovery, no matter the cost. Thankfully some things have changed for the better; her job at the rechristened Davis Funeral Home is keeping her busy and her fragile romance with Patrick McCallister is blossoming - thanks in part to their combined efforts in forming a support group for Returne addicts. But when some of the group members suddenly disappear, Bryn wonders if the government is methodically removing a threat to their security, or if some unknown enemy has decided to run the zombies into the ground...

Our Review [by Michelle M – LITERAL ADDICTION’s Associate Reviewer]:
Bryn Davis is now working with the FBI after they said they would provide her with Returne so that she will not "die". If at anytime she doesn't get her daily supply of the drug she knows that she will die a slow death full of decay and decomposition. Bryn also can be retained by the FBI at any time they feel fit to bring her in on a job. At this time her life is going great, she has a good job, great boyfriend and a cute bulldog that adores her. Bryn also is the head of a support group for the Returne victims and that is where things start to change. Support group members disappear, Bryn is still looking for her sister as well as keeping her relationship going with Patrick McCallister.

At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like this series but then I read and got pulled into Working Stiff and couldn't wait to read Two Weeks' Notice and this book pulled me in the same way. There is so much action and adventure this book keeps you wanting more so that you can see what will happen next. I found myself wanting to chew my nails not only because of the action but in between reading so that I could get back to it! Rachel Caine puts a new spin on a Zombie like story line that totally keeps you engrossed while in some parts you can't believe that somethings were actually happening. I can't wait until the next book comes out so that we can continue the Bryn Davis story and find out what she will get into next!

LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer gives Two Weeks' Notice 4 Skulls.

Two Weeks' Notice:


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