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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Mystically Bound

Stacey Kennedy loves the paranormal genre and loves a series even more! Nothing can hook her more than adventure and one that keeps on going.
Her novels are lighthearted fantasy, heart squeezing, thigh-clenching romance, and even a good chuckle every new and again.
She’s not a planner, she doesn’t write with a set idea because no matter what she plans, the characters’ voices always come through and demand that she listen to them.
Her journey as a writer began when she was a teen and wrote poetry, which still to this day she pulls out for a good laugh. Later, she tried a couple of times to put together a book with no luck until she was exposed to the paranormal world and the ideas came quickly.
She’s a thirty one year old wife, mom, house cleaner, cook, teacher, play-doh extraordinaire, swing pusher, toddler chaster after – who loves outdoors, curling up with the latest flick and if she’s not plugging away at a new novel, she’s not her nose buried deep in a good book.

Mystically Bound, Book #3 of the FROSTBITE series
by Stacey Kennedy

Tess Jennings’ life is in chaos. Her ghost lover, Kipp McGowen, vanished into the Netherworld without a trace. Now, she finds herself in White Castle, Louisiana, surrounded by the Animus—a secret society of the supernaturally gifted. To make matters
worse, they present her with an offer she cannot refuse.

If she helps solve the murder of their Grand Master, they will assist her in saving Kipp. Soon, Tess will land herself lost in another mystery she doesn’t want. But she will have to trust her enemies to gain what she most desires—a life with Kipp.

Only problem? People are hiding secrets and dark pasts. Tess will soon discover that nothing is as it seems. She might want to save Kipp from his ghostly state, but someone has decided it’s better for her to join him…

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION'S Pack Alpha - Michelle L Olson:

It's a well known fact that I am a Stacey Kennedy groupie and that I love the FROSTBITE series. So, of course I had this book pre-ordered, and jumped on it immediately.

Now when I heard that the final installment of Frostbite ended up being split into two books, I figured that Stacey might leave us with a cliffhanger, but JUST as she got my heart rate fluttering, there were no more pages to be had...

I wanted to rant, but the book was a great set up & first 1/2, and just left me wanting more, so I can't be too upset. ;-)

It's a bit different than the first three books of the series, and I think that's because it was this massive build up for the final grand finale. It doesn't have quite the amount of character interaction that we got in the first several installments, but the mystery is intense, insane and incredible!

Tess is stuck between a rock and a hard place in this release. She remains her feisty stubborn, independent self, but is basically bullied into helping the Animus - a secret society of supernaturals - solve the murder of their leader by trying to make contact with his ghost and therefore find out who murdered him, in exchange for them helping her find Kipp. Like all things in Tess's life thus far though, it's not easy, and nothing goes according to plan.

There are a bunch of awesome surprises in this book, some long awaited (and utterly enjoyable) romantic moments, some fabulous character evolution, and lots and lots of dark mystery, intrigue, suspense and action.

I absolutely cannot wait for the final book of the series to see how Stacey wraps it all up. FROSTBITE is incredible, and I still completely stand by my suggestion that everyone should read this! it's not just a paranormal romance. It's not just a romantic suspense. It's not just a ghost story.... it's all of the above and more, and each and every book of the saga will make you want to call in sick to work to finish reading them. ;-)

LITERAL ADDICTION gives Mystically Bound 4 Skulls and hopes that you will all check out it and its predecessors ASAP.

Mystically Bound

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