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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Bayou Legend

Janet Breakfield is a paranormal and erotic romance author. A southern girl that loves all things mystical and scary including myth, legend and old horror movies. The smell of leather bound books puts me in a writing mood, and she's a fan of all kinds of music.

Bayou Legend, book #1 of the BAYOU LEGEND series
by Janet Breakfield

Passion, Voodoo and Curses abound in this thrilling, supernatural story of life in the swamps and bayous of South Louisiana.
The responsibility of being the newest "Treater" rest soley on Emily's shoulders. She has never loved a man until she reunites with her childhood friend, Tanner Guidry. Little does she know that she is his salvation made flesh.
The curse of "Loup Garou" is like a second skin attached to Tanner thanks to Ursulla, the wicked VooDoo witch that cursed his family when she couldn't have his Grandfather years earlier. Now all of the men in Tanner's family carry the curse.
Will Emily's love and magic be enough to save Tanner from the curse and the Witch that wants to destroy him? Will Ursulla's secret be revealed as she tries to destroy Tanner and Emily? Or will her love spell using Tristan to seduce Emily be enough temptation to tear them apart?

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Guest Reviewer - Marta C:
Let me start this review by saying I usually read a mix of paranormal romance and urban fantasy so was very pleased to be asked to review this book as it is by a new author for me, and who wouldn't want to be gifted with such an opportunity?

This story is about a girl called Emily who has spent much of her life growing up in the Bayou and learning from her Gran how to be a treater [healer] and upon her eighteenth birthday comes into her powers.These powers include hearing thoughts and having the ability to heal those who need it.

Her Gran also tells her the story of Loup Garou [the werewolf legend] and how it affects a local family which includes Tanner, who unbeknownst to Emily, has always loved her.The curse that effects him has been passed down on the male side of his family by a witch who felt shunned by his grandfather.

Emily feels his pain one night and goes to him. They spend a night of passion which is sensed by Ursula- the witch who cursed Tanner's family. The witch vows to separate the young lovers, and sets events in motion that could prove fatal.

So what did I think? It is a unique approach , as the author swaps from Emily's point of view to Tanner's occasionally, which enables the reader to actually get both of their thoughts and viewpoints. This might irritate some readers, but I found that it added to the story.

Bayou Legend does contain scenes of a sexual nature, but I thought it was a sensual romance between two passionate young people and not hard core erotica. It was romantic without being overly graphic, and I didn't feel as if the author was describing a gynecological procedure, nor any crude terms or childish names.

LITERAL ADDICTION's Guest Reviewer gives the tale a solid 4 skulls and would definitely read more from Ms. Breakfield..Magic, Werewolves and passion definitely worth a read. Recommended!

Bayou Legend

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