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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Sacred Bayou

Janet Breakfield is a paranormal and erotic romance author. A southern girl that loves all things mystical and scary including myth, legend and old horror movies. The smell of leather bound books puts me in a writing mood, and she's  a fan of all kinds of music.

Sacred Bayou, book #2 of the BAYOU LEGEND series
by Janet Breakfield

Just when Emily Bougouis think she has her life and future figured out, all hell breaks loose. Betrayal by the only man she has ever loved is bitter on her tongue as she loses all she holds dear to her heart.
Even though her world is crumbling down around her, she still performs her duty as the "Treater" or healer of the people on the bayou.

The Houmas Indians come to Emily for help to save their
ancient burial grounds. Strange mystical, and frightening forces surround the mounds. Emily has to find her courage, and also a way to stop the destruction coming from a
construction company's demolition plans. By destroying the burial mounds, evil skinwalkers would be able to claim the souls of the dead buried there, denying them entrance to the afterlife. She needs help fighting them and she finds it in the strangest place.

Emily is star struck when she meets Merrick Talbot, who just happens to be the head of the construction company bent on destroying the burial mounds. The handsome stranger has a shadowed past and Emily doesn't trust him. But soon the flames of passion begin to wash away her doubt. The heat between Emily and Merrick is unbelievable, and
she can't help but lose all control around him.
But can she trust him with her life? Can the love and
passion she feels be enough to get her through the biggest heartache she has ever suffered? And will she be able to get revenge on those who stole part of her life away?

She must overcome her fears, and stop the evil destruction at the same time that she is falling in love with Merrick. Life can be a real bitch for a Psychic Healer!

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Guest Reviewer - Marta C:

This is the follow up to Bayou Legend, and continues the story of Emily who has the gift of healing and psychic abilities.

She is deeply in love with Tanner and expecting their first child when cruelly betrayed by him and a local Voodoo Priestess. Heart broken and almost without hope, Emily must find a way to carry on with her life and continue to act as a treater( healer) .

Emily Is approached by a tribe of local native Americans to aid them in saving their sacred burial grounds from demolition by a group of developers who have bought the land.They believe that evil Skinwalkers want to steal the souls of their dead ancestors, and they need Emily's to help prevent this.

Having agreed, she visits the site and meets Merrick Talbot who is in charge of the construction and convinces him to listen to the fears of the Houmas tribe. The attraction she feels for him is immediate and confusing, but Emily is a confident woman and unafraid of her own sexuality. The passion lights up the page as the couple become more and more entangled in their heated relationship. Merrick has secrets and can Emily really trust him? Will her feelings be tested yet again? She will have to trust Merrick with her life but can she trust him with her heart?

I thoroughly enjoyed this tale and actually thought that Emily had grown up quite a lot. She is a confident and passionate woman with bags of courage. My only criticism is the length as I do prefer longer tales with passion that build up. That being said, I was eager to turn the pages and find out how Emily's journey would end. Magic, Skinwalkers, Fallen Angels and hot sweaty passion will keep you turning the pages too! I look forward to more from this author.

LITERAL ADDICTION's Guest Reviewer rates this book a very solid four skulls, and actually would have give it five if it were just a bit longer.

Sacred Bayou

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