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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Lucas

D.B Reynolds lives with her husband of many years in a flammable canyon near Los Angeles.  When she’s not writing her own books, she can usually be found reading someone else’s.

D.B is the proud creator of the VAMPIRES IN AMERICA series.  VAMPIRES IN AMERICA currently consists of 5 books – “Raphael”, “Jabril”, “Rajmund”, “Sophia”, “Duncan”, Vignettes Vol. 1, a collection of short stories from the VAMPIRES IN AMERICA world and the newest release BETRAYED, a Cyn & Rafael novella, which was just released only a few days ago.  The 6th book in the series, LUCAS, will be released October 2012.

Lucas, Book #6 of the VAMPIRES IN AMERICA series
Author:  D.B Reynolds


THE BADLANDS of SOUTH DAKOTA … haunting landscapes, legendary outlaws, and … vampires?
LUCAS DONLON is a Vampire Lord, one of the most powerful vampires in North America and beyond. Charming and irreverent to his friends and lovers, he enjoys everything about his life as a vampire. But when a neighboring lord makes the mistake of declaring war, he quickly discovers that Lucas is as every bit as lethal as he is charming.
KATHRYN HUNTER doesn’t care about powerful vampires or their wars. Her baby brother is missing and she will do anything to find him, even if it means going against both her FBI bosses and the local vampire lord. But Lucas Donlon has other plans for the lovely FBI agent who’s landed on his doorstep.
Waging war against their enemies and each other, Lucas and Kathryn will risk everything to keep the most deadly vampire war in hundreds of years from engulfing every vampire, and human, in North America.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Michelle L. Olson:

Seriously, I feel like a broken record when it comes to this series.  They're so, SO good!!  This one was especially fun for me because I'm from the Midwest.  There were several places mentioned in this book that were like going home for me or the beau (I'm from WI, moved to MN & have family in IL, and my other half is from SD). :)  

Lucas brings us a new and exciting hero to fall in love with, and more of that 'secret vampire stuff' that we VAMPIRES IN AMERICA fans all love.  :)

We meet Lucas in the Betrayed eNovella and find out some things about his history that are incredibly interesting, compelling, and quite possibly damning for anyone outside of the inner-circle that's been forming for the Vampire Lords and their people for some time (I wish I could give you more than that, but I don't do spoilers and will simply tell you that you absolutely need to read this series). 

Following the culmination of the previous 5 books and the alliances forged therein, Lucas starts up after the events that played out in the Betrayed eNovella.  

The selfish, sadistic vampire Lord of Chicago, Klemens, has finally crossed one too many lines and Lucas isn't standing for it any longer.  He's bound and determined to rid the vampire community of this nuisance and is steadily making progress to do just that.  Unfortunately, the FBI is demanding to see him and he's irritated to the core to be bothered.  

Kathryn isn't just an FBI agent however, she's a concerned sister and will do anything to get her brother back, even if it means getting on the wrong side of some guy who calls himself the "Lord" of the midwest territories.  

Kathryn and Lucas's first meeting is the gateway to it all.  The chemistry between them is utterly undeniable, and even though each of them want nothing more than to be rid of the interference of the other, they can't seem to stay out of eachother's way.  

Raj and Duncan were my favorite heroes of the series.  Until Lucas.  :)  He's cocky, protective, powerful, and sexy as sin, and he speaks with an Irish accent.  Need I say more?  :)

Kathryn quickly became my 2nd favorite heroine of the series as well.  She's a lot like Cyn - independent, strong, and witty, and I loved her. I can't wait for her and Cyn to meet. I see an amazing friendship forming and an exciting expansion to their little Vampire Women's Club - I can totally see D.B writing a spin-off series similar to Patterson's Women's Murder Club with the Ladies of the Vampires in America. :)     

This book, like all the others of the series, had it all.  It wasn't quite as fast paced as the previous installments in terms of action, but it moved steadily and kept my interest for sure.  

The romance in this one was incredibly steamy though! I have seen a progression in D.B's romantic writing throughout the series. I originally classified VAMPIRES IN AMERICA as Urban Fantasy 
Romance with an emphasis on the Urban Fantasy.  Now I'd call it Paranormal Romance/Vampire Romantic Action-Suspense.  

LITERAL ADDICTION gives Lucas 5 Skulls and once again recommends it to everyone.  I do however, highly suggest that any new readers begin the series from the beginning. They're incredible and you won't be disappointed, but if you're unable to do that, at least read Raphael, Sophia, and the Betrayed eNovella before Lucas.  You can probably infer the happenings of Jabril, Rajmund, and Duncan, but there are things that happen in the first book, in Sophia, and especially in Betrayed that you'll want to know before starting Lucas.



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  1. I totally agree with your love of this series. I can't wait to read LUCAS. D.B. Reynolds is truly one of the best authors in the PNR/UFR genre.