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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Ghosts of Memories

Barb Hendee lives in a quirky small town just south of Portland, Oregon. 

She is the author of the Vampire Memories series and the upcoming Mist Torn Witches series, as well as the Noble Dead Saga which she writes with her husband J.C.

J.C. and Barb share a home office with their desks pushed up against one another.

They garden year-round and grow a good deal of their own food.

They also seem to spend a good deal of time researching myths and folklore about vampires.

Ghosts of Memories, book #5 of the VAMPIRE MEMORIES series
Author:  Barb Hendee


With her vampire protector Philip Brant√© and their human companion Wade Sheffield, a former police psychologist, Eleisha Clevon searches the world for isolated vampires—and offers them sanctuary. She wants to provide a home where she can teach them to follow the Four Laws that will protect them and their kind.

But not all vampires want to live by anyone’s rules but their own. Christian Lefevre has been posing a psychic, catering to the upper crust of Seattle society by making contact with their dead loved ones—and leaving his clients faint and weak after each encounter. Now Eleisha must confront the most deadly predator she has ever faced—or lose everything she has fought to protect…

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Michelle L. Olson:

*ARC provided by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Ghosts of Memories is the 5th installment of Barb Hendee's VAMPIRE MEMORIES series, but can easily be read as a standalone novel. 

In this installment, Eleisha, our sweet & charming 'vampire social worker' is still on the hunt for others of their kind to offer them refuge at the Underground, the shelter she runs out of a church with her damaged protector and lover Philip and heroic human partner Wade. She's also still making a home for Maxim, Rose, and their ghost Seamus, while helping each to heal in their own way. They've become more than just a group helping one another. They've become a family. 

Unfortunately, there's still a diabolical and unstable vampire out there whose only goal is to wipe out any and all vampires whom he sees as competition, and in his head, that's pretty much any vampire except Eleisha, whom he feels he needs to track down those remaining of their kind - in order to eliminate them all. 

When Wade and Eleisha find Christian and Ivory, two vampires running a bit of a con game, they set out to make contact and try to convince them to return with them to the Underground where they can keep them safe and introduce them to others of their kind. Things don't go quite as planned, however, and those that they're trying to help just might end up being more trouble than they're worth. 

I loved the way that Barb introduced more than 1 villain into this story, and even though the greatest threat started out as Julian in continuation with the books before, it became clear that a calculating vampire with a God complex and an unbalanced sense of self-righteousness is a much greater threat than any crazy psycho with a blade. 

I also loved how she used flashbacks to give us more character information and introduce additional emotion into the story. The overlapping histories were a beautiful spin as well and made the interaction between the characters in this release that much more compelling.

While one storyline of the series may have been wrapped up in this installment, the door was opened for a multitude of other possible plotlines for either this series or a spin-off and I can't wait to see where Barb takes us next in this unique and gripping world.

Ghosts of Memories was a wonderful 4 1/2 skull read. I love these characters and I love the emotion that Barb brings in every book!

Ghosts of Memories

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