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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Provoked

Rebecca Zanetti writes dark paranormals for Kensington Brava, and loves crime shows and sappy movies where everyone lives happily ever after.

Provoked, book #5 of the DARK PROTECTORS series
Author:  Rebecca Zanetti


A casualty of the war between the demons and the vampires, Jase Kayrs has been missing for six long years. His older brothers want answers—but they’re going to have to get them from an unlikely source. For when Kane Kayrs tracks down Amber Freebird, what he finds is a blonde, vegan pacifist who has no intention of using her skills in his war…


Amber enjoys her life of chaotic freedom and has no intention of falling in line just because a sexy-as-sin vampire insists on order. Unfortunately, he discovers she may be the only hope they have of finding his brother, and there’s no way he’s going to let her go—even if it means mating her to gain her cooperation. The two are as different as can be, yet when the dominant Kane and the untamed Amber finally unite to rescue Jase, they just may find that opposites really do attract…

“Hot and fast from beginning to end.”

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer - Mich M:

We rejoin the Kayrs brothers four years after the events in Consumed. 

Kane is the midddle Kayrs brother and he's always seemed very straight laced, he's a scientist and if he can't measure something in a lab then it doesn't exist. However he is a Kayrs afterall and that means he is a trained warrior, his idea of fun is to hunt down werewolves. When Kane is charged with finding the Demon Destroyer there is a lot at stake. His baby brother, Jase was captured by the demons almost four years prior and has been tortured daily, they have no idea if they will find him alive or if his mind will survive. They need the Demon Destroyer's help to save him from captivity. When Kane finally tracks the Demon Destroyer down she is nothing like what he expected. 

Amber is nearing the end of her shift at the bar when she feels someone watching her, she fels an instant attraction to the stranger but when he opens his mouth and starts talking about vampires and demons she thinks he belongs in the loony bin. 

Can Kane win Amber's trust? Can the fiesty Amber get Kane to loosen up an believe in the unmeasurable?

I thorughly enjoyed this book, I loved seeing Kane so out of sorts when faced with Amber. She was perfect for him. My heart broke for Jase, he's been the Kayrs brother that has intrigued me from the start, I can't wait to get to know him better. The triangle between Janie, Kalin & Zane is really starting to get interesting. Now that Janie isn't a litte girl anymore. Their story is what the whole series is building for and it's going to be epic.

LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer gives Provoked 5 Skulls.


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