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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Black Heart Loa

Adrian Phoenix lives in Oregon (with three cats), travels to New Orleans (whenever possible), and writes passionate stories and novels.

Black Heart Loa, Book #2 of the Hoodoo series
Author:  Adrian Phoenix

 “An eye for an eye is never enough.”
Kallie Rivière, a Cajun hoodoo apprentice with a bent for trouble, learned the meaning of those ominous words when hoodoo bogeyman Doctor Heron targeted her family for revenge. Now, while searching for her still-missing bayou pirate cousin, Kallie finds out the hard way that someone is undoing powerful gris gris, which means that working magic has become as unpredictable as rolling a handful of dice. The wards woven to protect the Gulf coast are unraveling, leaving New Orleans and the surrounding bayous vulnerable just as an unnatural storm—the deadliest in a century—is born. As the hurricane powers toward the heart of all she loves, Kallie desperately searches for the cause of the disturbing randomness, only to learn a deeply unsettling truth: the culprit may be herself. To protect her family and friends, including the sexy nomad Layne Vallin, Kallie steps into the jaws of danger . . . and finds a loup garou designed to steal her heart—literally.
Our Review [by Michelle L. Olson – LITERAL ADDICTION’s Pack Alpha]:
I’m a huge Adrian Phoenix fan, and have devoured all of her Maker’s Song books and the 1st book of the Hoodoo series, Black Dust Mambo, with gusto. 

Black Heart Loa picks up where Black Dust Mambo leaves off, with Kallie in a jam, her best friend, aunt, and love interest at her side – though dealing with their own dramas – and more upheaval than should be possible for 1 person.  In a nutshell, this installment was as brilliant as expected, and an amazing page turner from beginning to end.

In true Adrian Phoenix fashion, the characters were intense and deep, instigating a relationship with the reader from the very first introduction.  Not only do we get a return of all of our favorites from Black Dust Mambo, but we’re introduced to an entire cast of amazing new characters as well.  The only problem was that when the book ended, I  desperately wanted book #3 so I could find out what happens next, and what will happen to everyone.

Everything I look for in a fantastic Urban Fantasy was present in Black Heart Loa and more.  It had intrigue, mystery, suspense, deceit, romance, magic, mayhem, and action, all wrapped up in a beautifully written storyline  that hooks you, reels you in, and keeps you lusting for more. 

Three cheers for Adrian Phoenix and the Hoodoo series.  I actually find myself hard pressed to decide which of her series I like better now after reading Black Heart Loa.

LITERAL ADDICTION gives Black Heart Loa 5 Skulls, and would recommend it to all Dark Urban Fantasy, Urban Fantasy & Adrian Phoenix fans, as well as Paranormal Romance readers since this book had it’s fare share of hot and steamy moments.  I wouldn’t suggest trying to read Black Heart Loa as a stand alone, however.  You really need the build up and introduction that is offered by Black Dust Mambo, Book #1 of the Hoodoo series, to properly guide you into Black Heart Loa.  Believe me, you will not be disappointed that you waited to read it in order to read Black Dust Mambo first; it’s an incredible series and should be checked out by everyone! 

Black Heart Loa:

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