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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of The Storm that is Sterling


Lisa Renee Jones  is an award winning author that has published more than fifteen novels in several different languages, spanning multiple genres of romance – contemporary, romantic suspense, dark paranormal and erotic fiction. In each book the hero is dark, dangerous, and sexy. She debuted for both, Nocturne and Blaze, on the Bookscan bestseller list.

The Storm that is Sterling, Book #2 of the Zodius series
Author:  Lisa Renee Jones
SynopsisHe was created, molded, formed from life, love, and misery… Lethally daring and ruthlessly passionate. He invites death to his door, welcomes it with each breath he draws, each step he takes. And thus, he is danger— a volatile storm that will sweep across the calm realms of humanity and shake it to the depths of its core. And that storm is…
Sterling Jeter, Renegade Super Soldier, is fearless, powerful, and wildly unpredictable. His life-threatening mission is to save the beautiful, brilliant astrobiologist Rebecca Burns from ruthless villain Adam Rain. But their immutable mutual attraction threatens to put them in the path of death… or worse…
Our Review [by LITERAL ADDICTION’s Guest Reviewer – Debbie Talbot]: 
First things first. reading the Zodius series has been my first foray into any of Lisa Renee Jones’s books.  I was asked to read The Storm that is Sterling for my book club. To prepare I started the Zodius series from the beginning with The Legend that is Michael. The series is about a group of soldiers who, being told they were getting a immunization, were actually being forced to participate in a government program to try to make a better soldier. Project Zodius was a Top- Secret Military program that took 200 soldiers and injected them with alien DNA turning them into what they call GTECH Super Soldier. GTECHS are faster, stronger, quicker healing and are all together much, much harder to kill. They can all travel or “windwalk” on the wind, and some are developing other abilities also.  They are charged with protecting humanity as we know it; even if they don’t totally consider themselves as “human” anymore.
The 1st book sets up the series and gives you a strong desire to see these guys rise above all that is done to them and win in that all time struggle between Good and Evil. One thing you figure out is that everything isn’t black and white or good or evil.
When I started the book, The Storm that is Sterling, I had already fallen in love with Sterling. He is 100% my kind of Hero. He is cocky, dangerous and sexy too. His life has been hard. He has lost all of his family. His friends, the other GTECH Renegades, are all he has now and he will risk everything he is in the fight to keep Adam and his Zodius soldiers from trying to take over the world.
Rebecca is a strong independent woman who is used to handling all life gives her without burdening anyone else. She grew up with her Father and Brothers being in Special Forces in the military. After losing them she knows that she doesn’t ever want to feel the fear again that comes from being a wife or child of a soldier.
When Sterling and Rebecca come face to face in the beginning of the book they already have a history together. Since they had grown up in the same town, the leader of the Renegades Caleb sends Sterling to try to get Rebecca to help their cause. She is one of the only astrobiologist’s left in the world that might be able to come up with a cure for the people Adam is selling ICE to. The only problem is the night he finds her Adam attacks them at her house and Sterling is seriously injured. Adam wanting control over Rebecca forces her to take the drug or he will kill Sterling right in front of her. She’s knows that taking it, even one time will make her completely addicted to Ice and to miss even one dose will kill her. What she didn’t know is that the drug that is like a synthetic version of what made the GTECH soldiers also will cure her of the illness that is killing her.
I can say that this book by Lisa Renee Jones surprised me by the range of emotion I felt. I went from biting my nails suspense, to heart wrenching tears, from steam up the windows heat, to laughing so loud I woke my whole house up.  I will be anxiously waiting for the next Zodius book THE DANGER THAT IS DAMION.  As I wait, I plan on reading many more of her books.
LITERAL ADDICTION’s Guest Reviewer gives The Storm that is Sterling 5 skulls and would eagerly recommend the Zodius series to all Paranormal Romance fans or anyone who wants a great emotion filled, action packed read.
The Storm that is Sterling:


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