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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Bound to Danger

Katie Reus fell in love with romance at a young age thanks to books she pilfered from her mom’s stash. Years later she loves reading romance almost as much as she loves writing it. However, she didn’t always know she wanted to be a writer. After graduating summa cum laude with a degree in psychology and working too many jobs she hated, she finally figured things out.

She now spends her days writing dark paranormal romance and sexy romantic suspense. Her publishers include Carina Press, Harlequin Nocturne, Ellora’s Cave and NAL/Signet Eclipse (Penguin). Regardless of genre, she always includes a happy ending. When she’s not creating stories she loves spending time with her husband and family.

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Bound to Danger


At a benefit dinner, community activist Maria Cervantes overhears two men plotting a terrorist attack that could rock Miami to its core. But before she can alert authorities, she’s almost killed in a massive explosion—and wakes up in a hospital with no memory of what happened. As the sole survivor of the attack, she is now a person of interest to the NSA—and especially to Agent Cade O’Reilly. Because Maria is the one woman Cade has never been able to forget.

Years ago, they were closer than either was willing to admit—until Cade disappeared when Maria needed him most. Now he’s sticking by her, whether she likes it or not. Because the memories locked inside her mind could hold vital clues to the next attack. Because terrorists want her dead—and because he never wants to let her go again.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Vivacious Valkyrie - Marta
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This is the second book in Ms Reus' series called Deadly Ops, and is set to be yet another fast paced and action packed book. This series features all American alpha heros who work in the military and for the government protecting their country and it's citizens. Each book works very well as a standalone but characters from previous stories do reappear so it's fun to catch up with all these delicious specimens of manhood . When you pick up a Deadly Ops book you are guaranteed adventure with a capital A ! Not to mention romance to get your heart racing!

Maria is at a party when she overhears terrorists plotting to bomb Miami but before she can make sense of what she's heard an explosion rocks the residence and Maria wakes up in hospital with memory loss! She has survived but so many others were not as lucky and the tragedy puts Maria in even more danger . The men who set the explosion realise she knows too much to be allowed to live and are determined to find her. The NSA have to protect Maria but the agent assigned to the task is one who Maria knows only too well!

Eight years ago Cade dropped out of Maria's life and she's never quite understood why. Cade had been a friend to her deceased brother but to Maria he was something more or so she thought. Now he's back in her life and there's still unresolved issues between them but Cade seems determined to keep Maria at a distance. As Maria struggles to come to terms with the aftermath of the explosion she's desperate to remember all that she heard but time is running out. The terrorist organisation have a long reach and there's a traitor close to home who puts Maria in the firing line!

I do enjoy this authors work and if you are a fan of romantic suspense then this new series is bound to please. As usual Ms Reus gives us a hero to drool over as Cade is just so protective and yummy! The complicated past that the couple share is told in a very interesting way as we are treated to snippets of emails that they exchanged before the death of Maria's brother which is very inciteful and adds depth to the characters history. In some ways it's a story of star crossed lovers as events have kept them apart but sometimes things are just meant to be. In romance timing is everything and it's certainly time for Cade to realise that Maria feels like home to him! As for Maria well she's so much stronger than she realises and a very loyal and brave heroine. Whilst she may not be the most kick ass female in fiction she's no cry baby either and I liked that we see both her vulnerabilities and also her strengths.

This is an action packed story, a roller coaster of emotion . If you enjoy a plot that leaves you breathless then prepare to buckle up as it's going to be a bumpy ride! There's so much happening in this book with villains who need to be stopped and yet the author even brings them to life as their motives are explained which stops them being one dimensional. I think to do that takes real talent as so often bad guys in books can just be caricatures but not here. Ms Reus has written a great story filled with romance and her signature heat! Her leading men are always on my wish list and Cade can be my lethal protector anytime!

Bound to Danger

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