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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Desperate Betrayal

Hildie McQueen writes Historical Western Romance as well as Paranormal Romance, with a touch of Historical here and there. She's also published eight Highlander Historical Erotic short stories. She's a member of Romance Writers of America, as well as Georgia Romance Writers and Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapters of RWA.

For fun she spends a lot of time with her girlfriends. Her hubby is her partner in crime for traveling, and they love to jump in the car (or sometimes on his motorcycle) and head to the mountains, the city or the beach.

You can connect with Hildie online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.

Desperate Betrayal, THE PROTECTORS Book #1
     by Hildie McQueen

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Cynden Frasier (Cyn) is a member of a group of immortal warriors, the Protectors, assigned to protect humans in Atlanta, Georgia, the epicenter of a major uprising in demon activity. When Cyn is approached by a beautiful woman in a dirty alley, he is intrigued by the fact that she can see him for what he is, a terrifying demon slayer, and still dares to approach him.

Emma Blake, a half-demon, has to convince Cyn to help rescue her sister from powerful demons. Terrified that the Protector will kill her if he realizes what she is, she still goes against every instinct and approaches Cyn for help. Despite knowing that she is leading them both into territory so wrought with treachery, neither of them may survive.

Can Cyn and Emma overcome betrayal, the ancient rules that prevent Protectors from taking a wife, unless she is his one true mate? And if they do, will it even matter?

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION’s Bewitching Bella- Charity Costa:
WOW!!!! What a world Hildie McQueen has created, very well thought out and different.

Desperate Betrayal was fast paced, enthralling you from chapter 1 and had twists and turns, just when you think it is about to end or you think you might know what is going to happen...nope here comes another twist. I loved it.

This book picks up 10 days after the prequel to this series ends. Which I was very happy about because I was left speechless at the end of Desperate Choices (the prequel to the Protector Series).

The title says it all and is perfect for the plot of this book. Desperate Betrayal, it says so much with only 2 words.

Our couple in book 1, Desperate Betrayal, is Cyn and Emma. Cyn is a Protector that has a pretty set idea of his future and has no plans of changing that, till Emma walks in from the shadows. I loved them together, I loved that their pains brought them together. My initial glimpse of Cyn from the prequel was that of the humorous character that would have me barking out laughter in his story that was not the case here, Cyn has a story to tell and it’s not a funny one.

We meet a lot of new characters in this book, Protectors and Demons. By far my favorite so far is Blue, I don't want to give any spoilers but I will say that if he ever gets his own story, I will be on my knees begging to get an early copy of it from Hildie :)

I give Desperate Betrayal 5 out of 5, because of the world that Hildie has created that is so enticing and very well thought out. She knows how to catch you from page one and have you begging for more. This is only the beginning of an amazing series and I for one cannot wait to see where Hildie takes the Protectors.

Desperate Betrayal

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