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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Infinite Surrender

Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie both hail from the Midwest. Writing partners as well as friends (perhaps even sisters in another life), both are married and each has two wonderful children. The similarities don’t stop there. Both earned degrees in English education, both have a profound weakness for Starbucks coffee, and both are completely captivated by the ethereal beauty found in the Pacific Northwest. Their individual passions for writing and storytelling, led them to create Infinite Betrayal, the first book in their Infinity Series.

Infinite Surrender, BLOOD FEUD Book #2
Authors:  Gayle Donnelly & Robyn Mackenzie


Shape-shifting Coteri warrior Talon is mad with jealousy at the thought of Chloe, the woman he loves, being with other men. After a sizzling encounter, Talon is stunned to realize she's only his-has only ever been his. But his family line is tainted and he knows he isn't good enough for the torturously tempting redhead.

Spurned by the best friend she betrayed and rejected by the man she wants so badly it hurts, Chloe leaves her home with the Coteri to investigate a series of brutal murders that could have sinister implications for them all.

When he learns there's a traitor in their ranks and Chloe could be in danger, Talon will move heaven and earth to make sure she's safe-and to make her his, body and soul.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Michelle L. Olson:
I adored Gayle and Robyn's first book, Infinite Betrayal, so I was eagerly awaiting the release of Infinite Surrender, and I have to say... the ladies did not let me down! :)

I fell in love with both Talon and Chloe in book #1, so having their story unfold and wrap up some of the loose ends from Infinite Betrayal was wonderful. Their tale in Infinite Surrender was a frustrating, heartbreaking, breath-taking, sexy as all get-out adrenaline rush and I enjoyed each and every page!

Chloe is exactly the type of heroine that I love. She's strong, independent, snarky, and lovable. Talon is her Achilles heal, though, and I thought the ladies wrote it wonderfully trying to get her to move on while still holding true to her heart.

Talon is the uber Alpha Male. I wanted to slap him silly at the beginning of the book (talk about alpha-hole!), but have to say, while I generally don't go for it, his domineering, take no prisoners approach to win Chloe later on in the book was a huge turn on.

There are some supporting characters in this installment that I absolutely fell in love with and I cannot wait to see how much more we get to learn about each of them.

Gayle and Robyn are fabulous authors who know how to write a unique story full of steamy sexual tension, action, conflict, and drama. They pump it full of compelling characters and drop it in a vivid world guaranteed to snag your interest and keep you wanting more. With that all said, I give Infinite Surrender 5 Skulls and recommend it to all Paranormal Romance fans along with its predecessor, Infinite Betrayal. This series is amazing and I can't wait for more!

Infinite Surrender

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