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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Helpless

Scott Prussing was born in New Jersey, but was smart enough to move to beautiful San Diego as soon as he received his Master's degree in psychology from Yale University. 
In addition to writing, Scott enjoys hiking, riding his bicycle near the beach, and golf.

Helpless, Book #3 of the Blue Fire Saga
Author:  Scott Prussing
Helpless is the third book in the Blue Fire Saga, a paranormal romance series filled with passion, danger and suspense.
Our Review [By LITERAL ADDICTION’s Pack Alpha – Michelle L Olson]: 
Anyone who follows my reviews knows that I’m a huge Scott Prussing fan.  I have read and reviewed almost everything that he has available currently in multiple genres, and I was very excited to read and review the 3rd installment in the BLUE FIRE Saga after devouring Book #2, Deathless.
While I enjoyed Helpless, I felt like I was missing something when all was said and done.  The detailed imagery and story building I’ve come to know and love from Scott wasn’t there to the degree it had been in his previous books.  Call it the curse of high expectations… 
I can only assume that due to deadlines and his need to get the book out by the holidays he didn’t spend as much time on the book as he had the others, and therefore it ended up being shorter and not quite as detailed?  I can’t go into specific areas where I felt there could have been more because of spoilers, I’ll leave that for my personal communication with the author, but what I do want to say before I launch into my formal review pieces are that my comments should in no way stop you from reading Helpless because it was a very good book -  it just wasn’t as good as the first two in my personal opinion, but that is MY personal opinion.
O.K, a lot of things developed in Deathless (Book #2), and Helpless picks up right where Deathless left off.  Leesa is learning about herself with the help of her new friend, Rave and Stefan still have an uneasy alliance, Leesa’s family is almost thoroughly healed, and other than the supernatural elements, each day of Leesa’s life is like any other normal college student. 
There is danger lurking however, and nobody knows exactly what the intention of these nefarious characters is, nor do they know exactly whose life their actions will affect.    

Again, because of spoilers I need to keep my review vague, but suffice it to say that a few different battles are fought – both literally and metaphorically, things are resolved with some personal sacrifice and collaboration, and while all is generally right with the world at the end of Helpless, there are still several unknowns lurking that could cause an uproar in a heartbeat.
Helpless has considerable action and some really sweet romance.  It is also a major growth book for Leesa – her character goes through a lot of changes in this book on the road to becoming who she is destined to be.  While I didn’t find it quite as exciting or surprising as I found Deathless, it was still a solid installment to the Blue Fire Saga, and a necessary book on the road to the story evolution.   
LITERAL ADDICTION gives Helpless 3 1/2 Skulls and recommends it for anyone who started the Blue Fire journey with Breathless - both Young Adult and Adult Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance lovers who want a light-hearted, unique Paranormal read.
I’m very excited to see what Scott has in store for the next book of the Saga, as there are a lot of things that we have yet to learn quite enough about…


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