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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Scrape

Erin Kellison stories have always been a central part of Erin's life. She attempted her first book in the 6th grade, a dark fantasy adventure, and still has those early hand-written chapters. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in English Language and Literature, and went on for a masters in Cultural Anthropology, focusing on oral storytelling. When she had children, nothing scared her anymore, so her focus shifted to writing fiction. She lives in Arizona with her two beloved daughters and husband, and she will have a dog (breed undetermined) when her youngest turns five. 

You can keep up with Erin online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.


The last battle will be a nightmare…

The Sandman has broken through to the waking world, bringing with Him a monster of a storm. Mirren Lambert and Vince Blackman set out to force him back into his own realm, while Malcolm Rook and Jordan Lane are cornered by an old enemy intent on revenge. They learn that there are no rules when fighting for the ones you love.

In the midst of the chaos, Harlen Fawkes is charged with finding a way to make dreaming safe again. As nightmares lurk in the fringes, waiting to attack, he is driven to a bold decision that will change the world Darkside forever. All the while, his heart is with Sera—will the love of his life ever wake again?

Steve Coll must come to grips with his altered nature. His passion for Maisie Lane transcends the darkness, and he becomes both a fearsome nightmare and the hero humanity so desperately needs. Armed with hope and love, he strikes out to defeat a powerful god. But will it be enough? Or has dreaming just become too dangerous?

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Chelle:

How do I even write this review?? This is super-duper bittersweet for me. Reveler quickly became one of my top 5 all-time favorite series and holds a place in my heart that may be hard to fill, so coming to the end of this journey was something I both looked forward to and dreaded.

Erin Kellison, in my personal opinion, is a master of dark urban fantasy/paranormal romance. I hesitate to even call her books "paranormal romance" sometimes because they feel more like urban fantasy with romantic elements to me--EXACTLY what I love. She never, ever stays "in the box" with her world building and storylines, she always knows how to push the envelope juuuuust enough, and between all of that, she has relatable characters that will stay with you forever, edge of your seat action and suspense, and just a touch of super steam romance. It's the ultimate book lover/paranormal junkie's dream.

O.K, enough gushing, on to thoughts on the finale...

As the serial built, we saw the world Darkside get increasingly more dangerous and our cast of characters fighting tooth and nail to protect those they loved and those who could not fight for themselves. Each book had a bit of everyone, but generally focused on a "main" character couple. Scrape is one big dark, dangerous, action-packed, crazy rollercoaster of epic proportions, and each and every couple not only plays their part but gets their HEA (though not without one hell of a battle). I sat there shaking my head going "how did she even do that and make me satisfied?"

I'm not sure I can break this down properly without spoilers, but I will try. The individuals in the waking world that want to make Darkside the 'new normal' have started to rise up and take power, paving the way for their god, the Sandman, to reign. The Sandman has risen, and is now wreaking havoc in the waking world while his nightmares terrorize revelers Darkside. Each and every couple dives in headfirst in a battle of strength and wits to attempt their defeat of the Oneiros and the Sandman, while protecting each other as they are able. The battle is not without casualties, however, and there are losses on both sides. How catastrophic those losses and changes are, ultimately, isn't known initially, and gradually works itself out as the book progresses.

Now that all of the books are out, even if you're not an episodic serial fan, I HIGHLY suggest this series. I cannot emphasize how much I recommend it. You won't even have to wait for the next installment. :) It's rife with amazing characters, unbelievable action, thrilling drama and suspense, some super sexy (yet admittedly subtle at times) romance, and a world and concept that you won't be able to shake because it's unique, amazing, and totally captivating.

Take a chance. Dream dangerously. I can say with confidence that you won't be disappointed...


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