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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Beck & Call

Emma Holly is the USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty very hot romantic books featuring werewolves, faeries, and just plain extraordinary ordinary folks. Her favorite things are reading, coffee, long daydreamy walks, plus whatever show she's currently infatuated with on tv. She loves sinking into the worlds of her stories and hopes you do too!

Beck & Call

The man everybody wants. The woman he can't resist. The dom who masters both.

Women can’t keep their hands off billionaire Damien Call. The mysterious mogul has it all: fast cars, killer looks, and a brain that just might be his best asset.

Mia Beck loves her job at a PI firm. Her coworker Jake stars in most of her daydreams, so seeing him everyday is no hardship.

Jake hasn’t believed in human goodness since he worked black ops for the CIA. Romancing innocent Mia is unthinkable, no matter how enticingly submissive she seems to be. Then a case of corporate espionage forces them to pose as a dom/sub duo, to catch the eye of accused wrongdoer Damien. No fantasy is off limits for this voyeur—until the attraction the pair exerts lures him to go hands on . . .

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Vivacious Valkyrie - Marta:
*Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review

I think it's fair to say that I'm a traditional romance reader who looks forward to happy endings with the possibility of the couple riding off into the sunset together with their happiness a forgone conclusion. So when I was asked if I wanted to read this book it was with great interest that I said yes but also a little trepidation. I've thoroughly enjoyed Ms Holly's Demon World Series with its mixture of steam and paranormal world building, but alas had avoided the authors more erotic work. Whilst I don't usually read an awful lot of ménage and tend to avoid M/M stories, the synopsis for this book piqued my interest and boy was it a rewarding read!

I found the idea of a voyeur being targeted to be a unique one amongst the various BDSM and ménage books touted by various authors. Mia is a natural submissive who has long held fantasies that star her coworker Jake, but a new assignment sees them taking their professional relationship much much further. The dreams Mia has had are nothing compared to the reality though, as Jake is an infamous Dom and their assignment means getting close to Damien Call a man suspected of stealing plans that could potentially damage the Pentagon.

Call has a weakness though and it involves watching and directing as others perform "scenes". Capturing his attention is only the start of things, though, as like some sacrificial iamb Mia has to put her trust in Jake and as he likes to be a hands on kind of guy she's about to learn first hand just what a Dom is really capable of!

This was a humdinger of a book that completely surprised me. To be blunt, so many erotic books are just filled with sex scenes that add little to the plot, but from the first scene at the club Ms Holly creates such tension that it's palpable. Never has a simple kiss evoked such a reaction. To say that Mia is playful would be an underestimate because that girl is finally getting all she dreamt of and a lot more besides. Add in the enigmatic Damien, who is overjoyed at being able to pull his new toy's strings and it's a captivating ride that leads the reader to discover just what makes these characters tick.

Yes, this is a sexy story, but it's an intelligent tale of espionage, although I confess I struggled a tad with Mia's ability . The passion these three characters experience drives the storyline and it had an interesting twist as Mia became more involved with the kink that the two dominant males enjoy. She is trusting and open but it's Jake who has closed himself off. As for Damien well that is one man running away from reality and it's impossible not to feel for him.

The journey these characters take was gripping and watching all three of them release control made for a fabulous love story. When I started, I wasn't sure that I could believe in the power of their sensual romance, but by the end the author had me convinced. Seeing them all learn to trust each other was totally captivating and together they really are stronger.

My first ménage by Ms Holly and what a fabulous baptism it was!

Beck & Call

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