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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of The House on Pancake Hill

Jodi Sykes is a Writer, Blogger, Light Worker, Medium, Reiki Practitioner, Motivator, Educator, Quote Keeper, Animal lover, and Friend, but her main objective is to live life to the fullest!

Jodi is the author of The House on Pancake Hill, I am Special – The Power is in ME, and Living La Vida (Lymphoma).

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The House on Pancake Hill
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In 1965, the author moved into a house on Pancake Hill. Jodi Sykes discovered her ability to communicate with the dearly departed at the age of three. Throughout her childhood, she was visited on an almost a nightly basis from the world of Spirit.
The House on Pancake Hill chronicles her journey of shielding her abilities from her friends and family, to suppressing them completely over the course of twenty years. She finally came to terms with her gifts and has embraced them.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION’s Pack Alpha – Chelle:

Reading The House on Pancake Hill was like sitting down with a friend to swap paranormal stories… I loved it, and it brought me back to so many of my own experiences. I absolutely cannot wait to talk with Jodi and have her on the site!

If you like real life paranormal activity stories, then this is definitely a fun one to check out. Written kind of snippety, like small peeks into her life, Jodi finds a way to engage the readers and make you feel like you were there with her. My only complaint… I wanted MORE of each of the stories. LOL

I give The House on Pancake Hill 4 Skulls and would definitely recommend it for people looking for something different to occupy their reading moments, especially if you like real-life paranormal activity type stories.

The House on Pancake Hill

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