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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of The Cat's Meow

Stacey Kennedy loves the paranormal genre and loves a series even more! Nothing can hook her more than adventure and one that keeps on going.
Her novels are lighthearted fantasy, heart squeezing, thigh-clenching romance, and even a good chuckle every new and again.
She’s not a planner, she doesn’t write with a set idea because no matter what she plans, the characters’ voices always come through and demand that she listen to them.
Her journey as a writer began when she was a teen and wrote poetry, which still to this day she pulls out for a good laugh. Later, she tried a couple of times to put together a book with no luck until she was exposed to the paranormal world and the ideas came quickly.
She’s a thirty one year old wife, mom, house cleaner, cook, teacher, play-doh extraordinaire, swing pusher, toddler chaster after – who loves outdoors, curling up with the latest flick and if she’s not plugging away at a new novel, she’s not her nose buried deep in a good book.

The Cat's Meow, Book #1 of the WITCH'S BREW series
Author:  Stacey Kennedy


Libby is an Enchantress—a witch gifted by the Goddess to conjure spells. When a magical presence is detected around a recent string of feline slayings, Libby takes the case to uncover the reasons behind the odd deaths. Much to her displeasure, the coven also sends a sexy warlock, Kale, to assist her.

While having the muscle around proves to be useful, fighting the attraction between them is worse than a hex, especially considering Kale is keeping secrets. But soon, Libby has bigger problems than the elusive warlock when her spells turn up clues that point to something far more sinister than slaughtered cats.

Now Libby has landed herself in the midst of an uprising. She trusts no one and isn’t safe—not from the warlocks stirring up trouble. Not from the worrisome rebellion she can’t escape. And certainly not from Kale, who is weaving a very dangerous spell over her heart.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Michelle L. Olson:

*ARC received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

It's no secret I'm a Stacey Kennedy fangirl. I've said it again and again, and while all of her books are stellar, Stacey's Frostbite series has been holding its own as my favorite books of hers to date... Until now. :) Stacey told me that she figured this book would be 'my cup of tea' and she was so VERY right about that. :)

The Cat's Meow was incredible and I really LOVE this hero!! Kale is sigh worthy... He's strong yet sensitive. Smart yet down to earth. Honorable, passionate, thoughtful, seriously kick-@$$ and oh yeah... SEXY.

Libby is an incredible heroine. She's feisty, spunky, independent, capable and confident. She's an Enchantress for her coven and investigates crimes that may be tied to magick. During investigation of an odd run for feline murders she meets Kale and they partner up to investigate. Sadly for Libby, things are NOT what they seem on so many levels, and she's thrown head first into a dangerously dark and wicked situation. To make matters worse those that she trusts and those that she's working with aren't allowed to give her all of the details so it becomes incredibly frustrating. Not to mention this explosive connection that she and Kale share, despite the fact that she's professes to hate warlocks and knows little to nothing about him.

The world that Stacey has created with this new series is enchanting. A beautiful mix of reality and magick that blends seamlessly to immerse the reader in space and time that are both plausible and yet extraordinary.

I got all of the mystery, intrigue, surprises, quick wit & romance that I have come to expect from Stacey, and really, really enjoyed this book.

LITERAL ADDICTION gives The Cat's Meow 5 Skulls and would recommend it for all Paranormal Romance Lover

The Cat's Meow

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