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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Dire Wants

Stephanie Tyler  New York Times Bestselling author Stephanie Tyler writes what she loves to read - romantic suspense novels starring military heroes and paranormal romance novels novels starring warrior heroes, all complete with happy endings. She also co-writes as Sydney Croft. She lives in New York with her husband, her kids and her crazy Weimaraner, Gus.

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Dire Wants, ETERNAL WOLF CLAN Book #2
Author: Stephanie Tyler

The supernatural world is rising up against the human one. The weretrappers want control, and only the immortal Dire wolves stand in the way of total destruction. Stray, a Dire, and his long-lost brother, Killian, emerge as the leaders of their pack. To keep themselves and the humans safe, the Dires need a witch as powerful as Seb, who betrayed the Dires to work for the weretrappers.
They find what they are looking for in Kate, a human who survived a horrible car accident that left her back scarred with a handprint no one else can see. Stray senses Kate's abilities as a witch and recruits her to help the Dires—all the while knowing she is so powerful they will need to kill her once she helps defeat the weretrappers.
Stray doesn't expect the powerful connection that he feels with Kate, or his irresistible need to protect her. They cannot hide their feelings or each other, and what once was taboo now seems inevitable…

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Michelle L. Olson:
Dire Wants is the second book of the ETERNAL WOLF CLAN series, and is action packed, deep, intriguing & stuffed with goodness!

Soooo much happens in this installment, it might be a little difficult review to write a review keeping to my 'no spoiler' policy, but I will try...

Dire Wants picks up where Dire Needs left off, with the Dire wolves and their Were allies fighting against the Were Trappers and the demon possessed witch Seb and his Were minions in a race to save the world.

Stray, the newest and youngest of the Dire pack and his estranged older brother Killian are 2 parts of a prophecy that could either save all of the wolves and humans or utterly destroy everything. Together with a powerful witch who doesn't yet know that she IS a witch, they could defeat the Dire Ghost Army that Seb has called up AND save Jinx's twin brother Rogue from the curse he's been under. The problem is that all of this takes trust on everyone's part, and after the tortured histories these wolves have, trust doesn't come easily.

Dire Wants is Stray and Kate's story, but it also delves into the disfunctional family workings of Stray and Killian, as well as Jinx and the rest of the Dire pack, not to mention the Were brothers Cyd and Cain and their relationship with the FBI agent Angus Young. It also gives some background on Seb's lost love and introduces what previously would have been a very unlikely ally.

The ETERNAL WOLF CLAN series is very deep. It's a complex world with lots of different pieces, a plethora of characters who each play their respective roles, and several smaller storylines that integrate to create the plot as a whole. With that said, while Stephanie did a great job of recapping in Dire Wants, I would strongly suggest that you read the Dire Warning eNovella and Dire Needs before you take the plunge with Dire Wants.

For the sake of a complete review, I have to mention that there are some homosexual scenes in this installment. Stephanie did a beautiful job of writing them in and I was incredibly excited to see where she took that particular sub-story. Even if you're not generally a fan of m/m romance, this is so much more than that. It's the strugglings of a somewhat forbidden relationship, regardless of sex, and I'm really looking forward to reading more as the series progresses.

LITERAL ADDICTION gives Dire Wants 4 Skulls. I'm very eager to see where this series goes next!

Dire Wants

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