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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Great Escapes - Valentine's Day

Lynda K Scott & Linda Wisdom  Lynda’s stories started out as sort of fan fiction loosely based on the old Star Trek series, but with new exciting characters.  She’d entertain her girlfriends with those stores and, once, on a class trip, the guys and gals took the pages and acted out the story.  Moving on to college and adult life Lynda didn’t leave those things behind.  She kept writing and has enjoyed meeting each of her characters and learning about them (and from them) along the way. 
Linda Wisdom is a multi-published author since 1979 and now writes paranormal romance that she calls ‘witch lit’. 

Great Escapes - Valentine’s Day, Book #1 of the Interactive Erotica series
Authors:  Lynda K. Scott & Linda Wisdom
Synopsis:  Great Escapes, by best-seller Linda Wisdom and Lynda K. Scott, is a new personalized erotica series centered on the guests of a quiet B&B in rural Virginia.

The heartbroken and lovelorn come to Great Escapes B&B in search of a relaxing getaway, only to embark on a weekend of sexual self-discovery, courtesy of the inn’s resident ghosts, who bring to life each guest’s deepest desires.

Just as the ghosts transform to meet the needs of each guest, Great Escapes leverages the Kindle platform to deliver what each reader wants. Do you like your erotica steamy or romantic? Your hero to have blue or brown eyes? Anonymously fill out your preferences, and we’ll deliver the best version of hundreds of combinations prepared by the authors.

In Great Escapes: Valentine’s Day, Rose’s best friend gives her a weekend stay, where an invisible lover helps her to rediscover her sexuality. But will she open her eyes enough to see who is right next door?

Our Review [by Michelle L. Olson – LITERAL ADDICTION’s Pack Alpha]:
Those of us bibliophiles old enough to remember probably FONDLY remember the Bantam Books Choose Your Own adventure series, yes!?  Where we as the reader faced two or three options in each section, each of which led to more options and then to one of about 40 endings thus creating about 20 stories in one!?  Well, Great Escapes is like that, only with not as many options and definitely not made for 10-14 year olds! 

In this short first installment of Lynda and Linda’s new Interactive Paranormal Erotica series for Kindle, two individuals take a vacation to a rural Virginia Bed and Breakfast (solo, and on Valentine’s Day), to get away from their problems and try and forget about their recent mishaps in love. 

While trying to relax, each of them encounters a ghost of the B&B whose sole purpose is their pleasure.  Unabashed, they take advantage of these mystery lovers until real life intervenes and they find what they’ve really been searching for…

As the book begins, the reader has the option to customize.  You can choose preset options (which I tried and are just fine) or you can do advanced customization and choose character hair and eye color, body type, accent, ‘type (using well known actors as templates)’, etc, as well as the level of eroticism in your read. 

I originally started out with the level set to “Steamy”, and it was hot.  I then dialed it back to “Romantic” for a bit and was enjoying the sweet yet sexy scenes.  After a little longer I turned it back up to “Steamy” and enjoyed the climactic conclusion. 

I absolutely love this concept!  I think it’s brilliant and incredibly enjoyable for Kindle readers such as me who long to switch it up every now and again.  My only complaint was that there wasn’t more.  Great Escapes – Valentine’s Day is pretty short, and even after changing customizations and re-reading I still found myself wishing that there were a minimum of 2 more couples to ‘play’ with. J

For concept alone LITERAL ADDICTION gives Great Escapes 4 Skulls.  I can’t wait to see what Lynda and Linda have in store for us next in Great Escapes and I hope that next time I can play even longer.

Great Escapes:

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