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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Fair Folk in Knob's End

Rachel Armstrong *I couldn’t find a bio online, but I can say that this is a new and budding new author that we should all keep our eyes open for!

Fair Folk in Knob’s End, THE DAUGHTERS OF ANNWYN Book #1
Author:  Rachel Armstrong

“Bendith y Mamau.”

As if losing her mother and moving to live with her grandmother in Knob’s End wasn’t enough to content with, sixteen-year-old Sophie James soon discovers that her new best friend is more than the average high school girl. Nerys is a magical Tylwyth Teg from the land of Annwn, and has been forced to seek refuge from a terrible fate.

Unless the people of Annwn can find a way to break the pact made with the sinister Coraniaids some two thousand years before, Nerys and her sisters will be forced into marriage and their homeland will be changed forever. Sophie and Nerys need to find the Dagger of Everlasting Truth and destroy it. The problem is no one knows its location, and, with so many lives in mortal danger, there is no time for mistakes.

Lies are told and danger lurks around every corner, yet there persists a whisper of a human girl who may hold the key to their salvation, a girl with the gift of prophecy. Could Sophie be the one?

Our Review [by Michelle L. Olson – LITERAL ADDICTION’s Pack Alpha]:
So, when an author friend asked if I’d read and review this book I was a bit hesitant.  I have all but given up on YA since I discovered the plethora of adult Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Paranormal Erotica out there, but I love my friend dearly, and wanted to do this favor. 

Settling in and not knowing quite what to expect, I was VERY pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t put this book down and devoured it in 1 and ½ sittings.  It may be labeled YA, but Fantasy lovers young and old will love this book.  Think Lord of the Rings meets The Chronicles of Narnia, meets The
Secret Circle

Sophie is your average high school student in a new town.  She meets some new friends, gains some new adversaries, and otherwise just tries to adjust.  One of her rescuers, a girl in her grade named Nerys turns out to be so much more than what Sophie had ever imagined and an entire new world is opened for her.  Literally. 

Once the girls venture over to Tylwyth Teg and begin their true adventure, things get really exciting.  The action in this book is heart pounding and I found myself vocally cheering on Sophie and her band of misfits the entire way.  It was so easy to put myself in Sophie’s shoes during the journey - I got choked up and worried when things didn’t go as planned, I was excited when things did go as hoped, and I felt nervous just like I assume she would have during the unknowns, including that of her budding new romance. 

This book really was incredible and I think that Rachel has a promising new future in the literary world.  I can’t wait to read the 2nd book of the Daughters of Annwyn series, and hope that Ms. Armstrong gives us even more books and series to read and adore.  If it weren’t for my author friend suggesting this, I probably would have never found it, and I am SO glad that I did.  Now you all have me recommending it to you, so go out and enjoy if YA Fantasy peaks your interests.  Like I said though, I truly believe that this book is wonderful for both young and “old” adults alike, and would recommend it as such.  If you want an action packed fantasy read that sucks you in to the magickal world of Twylyth Teg and its inhabitants, hop on this ride. 

LITERAL ADDICTION gives Fair Folk in Knob’s End 5  Skulls and cannot wait for the 2nd installment.

Fair Folk in Knob’s End:

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