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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Missing Daughter, Shattered Family


Liz Strange was born and raised in Canada where she still lives with her family and a menagerie of pets.  If she’s not working, writing or spending time with her family, Liz enjoys reading, watching horror flicks, eating spicy food, and/or hitting the gym. 
A self-professed Sci-Fi Nerd, Liz loves anything to do with mythology, history, anthropology, ancient Greece and Easter Island, in addition to her expected fascination with Star Trek, the X-Files, and Torchwood.
Liz loves to read, has been an avid reader since she was little, and even then was attracted to the dark side.  She loves mysteries, crime novels, and pretty much all things paranormal/supernatural.  Her undying love for vampires was born when she first obtained a copy of Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot”, and the rest, as they say, is history.

 Missing Daughter, Shattered Family – David Lloyd Investigations Book #1
Author:  Liz Strange

When a brutal homophobic attack ended David Lloyd's career as a police officer, his life was changed forever. Five years later David is running his own private detective agency, where a missing person's case comes to his attention. Digging into the circumstances of her disappearance forces David to realize he has not dealt with what happened to him, and that he can no loner deal with his long-time partner's fear of being honest about their relationship.

Solving the case might not only bring peace to a shattered family, but could finally put David's own demons to rest

Our Review [by Michelle L. Olson – LITERAL ADDICTION’s Pack Alpha]:
I’m a big fan of Liz’s work and was excited to read this as it’s not her ‘usual’, or what I’ve come to equate with her usual anyway.
I was pleasantly surprised and am definitely looking forward to the next installment of this series – the lady can write a killer mystery!  J
 Missing Daughter, Shattered Family is not a super fast paced, majorly action packed read, but it’s steady and gripping, & holds your interest the entire way through.  It’s perfectly layered and fabulously enjoyable.
You build an affinity for the characters from the get-go, and their real-life struggles lead to the story and pull you in even more.
The plot is deep and intriguing and keeps you guessing up until the very last where the true ‘bad guys’ are thoroughly revealed.
While this is definitely a mystery, there is some sweet and true to life romance between the hero and his partner.  It is a m/m romance, but that should not dissuade anyone from reading it.  Even if you think you wouldn’t enjoy a m/m romance, as I said, the book is all about the mystery and the romance that is introduced just leads to the believability of the lead characters and their role in the solving of said mystery.
LITERAL ADDICTION gives Missing Daughter, Shattered Family 4 Skulls and would recommend it to all Mystery aficionados.  I’m really looking forward to book #2 of the series and can’t wait to see what’s in store for David & Jamie and the new friends they make along the way.  If I were to sum up this book, it’s a wonderfully written mystery with a ton of heart.
Missing Daughter, Shattered Family:


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