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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Cataclysm

C.L Parker is a mother of three living near Louisville, Kentucky. Born in Los Angeles, California, her parents decided to move back to their native town just two weeks after her birth. There, Parker grew up with her three sisters, and they remain inseparable to this day.

After graduation, she enlisted in the United States Navy and was stationed at the Norfolk Naval Station in Norfolk, Virginia where she served a two year enlistment. Due to a family tragedy at the time, she chose to return home to Kentucky instead of re-enlisting.

Parker eventually ventured into the world of writing. An outlet for her overactive imagination, it quickly grew into a passion that could not be ignored. Having a fascination for the paranormal, it didn’t take long to decide what type of book she would really love to write. She went to work on her first novel intended for publication, Supernova. There are plans to write two additional books creating the Supernova Saga.

Once the Supernova Saga is complete, she will start a series of seven books, which will eventually spin-off into another series. All of these will be in the paranormal romance genre.

Parker’s reality is that she is easily lost to a world of fantasy, driven to bring her characters to life if only in the pages of a book, for their story is one that must be told.

Cataclysm, Book #2 of the Supernova Saga
Author:  C.L Parker
Synopsis:  Kerrigan Cruz and Dominic Grayson thought the worst of the storm was behind them. In reality, they have only weathered impossible odds to find they are smack dab in the eye of an unforgiving cyclone. More is on the way. The raging bands of chaos that surrounds them are forcing the destructive walls of the monster to close in around them. Taking on a life of its own, the storm growls and gnashes its teeth, threatening to devour everything they ever were or ever will be. There will be nothing but devastation left in its wake, and it sets its sights on Kerrigan and Dominic.

Through the howling winds and punishing lashes of rain, a stranger comes. The promise of a better tomorrow, a brighter, sunnier life filled with hopes and dreams rests in the palm of his hand. It is knowledge, a formidable weapon when wielded by the right person at just the right time. If she can only harness the power of this stranger’s knowledge, Kerrigan may be able to save the one she loves before he fades into nothingness, and she is left all alone.

But is this stranger friend or foe? Drawn to her side by an unseen force, will he enlighten Kerrigan or will he seek to claim her for his own?

Through the darkness of night, Light will lead the way.

Our Review [by Michelle L. Olson – LITERAL ADDICTION’s Pack Alpha]:
Let me start out by saying that C.L poured her visceral soul into Cataclsym and it was evident from the 1st page to the very last turn.
I have read A LOT of really good books lately; some funny, some dark, some action packed, some steamy…  Cataclysm was all of the above and then some, and skyrocketed to the forefront of my favorite books ever list.
When I flipped the last page of this book, I had goosebumps for a good few minutes after.  It was THAT good…
Like a brilliant author should, C.L had me feeling things during Cataclysm that I wasn’t prepared to feel.  I fought it at times because I jus didn’t think I could change my mindset from where I was at following Supernova, but in the end she did her job.  There were other moments where I went from a chuckle, to being utterly angry and frustrated a few pages later; mumbling like a mental patient, to being absolutely lost in the story with a dreamy look on my face a few chapters after that – it was a emotional rollercoaster of epic proportions and I loved every second of the ride.
Outside of the emotions elicited during Cataclysm, the character dynamic was incredible and the world building superb.  Surprises, secrets, and mystery around every turn, all tied up beautifully with characters you can’t help but relate to, in a supernatural world that is well… believably natural. 
I really wish I could tell you more about this amazing book, but there was so much that happened that I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.  I will simply say that you MUST read this series, and get to Cataclysm as fast as you can.

LITERAL ADDICTION gives Cataclysm 5  Skulls (would give it more if there were more to give), and would recommend it anyone and everyone who wants a beautifully written Paranormal Romance with enough darkness to keep Urban Fantasy lovers happy as well. 

In my review of Supernova, I said that I had a feeling that C.L would change my mind with Cataclysm and make me give it more than the 4 Skulls I gave Supernova.  Boy did she ever!  Way to go C.L.  LOVED this book!  Bring on Nexus. 


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