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[Archive] LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Goddess with a Blade

Lauren Dane Lauren Dane has been writing stories since she was able to use a pencil, and before that she used to tell them to people. Of course, she still talks nonstop, and through wonderful fate and good fortune, she’s now able to share what she writes with others. It’s a wonderful life!

The basics: Lauren is a mom, a partner, a best friend and a daughter. Living in the rainy but beautiful Pacific Northwest, she spends her late evenings writing like a fiend when she finally wrestles all of her kids to bed.

Goddess With A Blade
Author:  Lauren Dane
SynopsisRowan Summerwaite is no ordinary woman. Physical vessel to the Celtic Goddess Brigid and raised by the leader of the Vampire Nation, she's a supercharged hunter with the power to slay any vampire who violates the age-old treaty.

Our Review [by LITERAL ADDICTION’s guest reviewer TechieByDay]: 

I really liked this book. The funny thing is that when I first read the title I thought, hmmm, what a catchy title. But, when I read the book and the history that explained that it meant more than some woman with a sword, I thought, now that is really good. I like that it is set in Las Vegas. I've only visited once and for only 24 hours at that, but, it was a truly different place. I also visited someone's home that was enough away from the strip that I could see what it was like for families to live there and what lawns and yards looked like. We drove in from Arizona so I got a good look at the scenery on the way in before it turned dark outside, then the look of things as the lights blazed at night from all the casinos and wow what a huge contrast. But, this book with the descriptions of the different places where Rowan went each day fed my mini-vacation imagination Even the descriptions of Ireland left me wanting to see them for myself.

The characters were a bit different. It is hard to have a vampire book stand out and also very difficult for an author to have originality. Outside of the romance genre vampires seem to have taken a backseat to dystopia and zombies so there is some room there for authors still writing about vampires to branch out and hopefully find their own place. Goddess With A Blade does that. It strikes out and tries to find its own place in a genre that is pretty-well saturated especially when some publishers are pushing paranormal romance as urban fantasy, much to my dismay. As someone who does NOT like a strictly romance book, regardless to whether it has vampires in it I prefer for a book to be advertised according to what it truly is and saying a paranormal romance is urban fantasy or muddying the waters is really bugging me. I do not mind if the book is urban fantasy with a romance in the background but I do not want it to be the cusp of the story. Goddess With A Blade is being shelved with the paranormal romances but so far the cusp of the story is Rowan, her history, and the mystery she is trying to solve. There are other parts to the story but they do not overwhelm the story so I can accept this book as one written the way I like them, with a kick butt hero/heroine and it doesn't matter to me which genre they shelve it in as long as there is action and cool supernatural powers. A good mystery is always a clincher.

LITERAL ADDICTION's Guest Reviewer gives Goddess With A Blade 4 Skulls and would recommend it to Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance fans or anyone who wants a kick butt hero/heroine with cool supernatural powers and a bit of mystery.

Goddess With A Blade:

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A recent string of murders has her at odds with Las Vegas's new Scion, the arrogant and powerful Clive Stewart. The killings have the mark of Vampire all over them, and Rowan warns Clive to keep his people in line—or she'll mete out her own brand of justice.
Though her dealings with Clive are adversarial to say the least, Rowan is intensely aware of her attraction to him. But she can't let it distract her from her duty—to find and battle the killer before more women die.

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